Prepare for your Interview by Practicing

by Candace Alstad - Davies

Prepare for your Interview by PracticingHave you ever walked out of an interview saying to yourself “I should have mentioned …?” “Oh, I could have explained to them that….” Rest assured you are not alone. The art of completing a successful job interview lies in knowing yourself, your successes, and how you will work in a specific position and the value you can bring to the company. In order to pull off a valuable job interview, you will need to prepare for your interview by practicing beforehand.

During the interview you need to present yourself in the best possible way. The most effective approach is to imagine the employer is buying your skills and knowledge. You must advertise yourself. This is one time you can talk about all your great skills and accomplishments, bragging a little while maintaining accuracy that can be verified. If your interview skills are weak…

resume profileA professional resume needs a strong resume profile because the job search “game” is the ability to get yourself noticed by the recipient in a positive way – and your resume and cover letter are the tools to use. You want to be the center of attention and feel confidence about sharing what you can offer the company. In order to get your potential company’s attention, you have to individualize your resume for that particular company or specific position. This means targeting and emphasizing the required skills and achievements you have for that particular job vacancy. A focused resume will clearly address all of the employer’s needs by concentrating on the particular qualifications that the job requires. To make a truly fantastic resume…

online presenceYour online presence can affect your job search, which makes it critical that the information found online is representing you in the best way possible. If you are looking for a job or simply want to better position yourself for career growth, it is vital that you develop your online presence and showcase your skills, core values, and work experiences. Having an online profile can help a lot in expanding your network. Connecting with your contacts can significantly help in expediting your job search and can provide valuable help in improving your career or helping you to gain a new job.

Below are some popular websites where you can create your online profile. Just make sure that once you sign up to these websites, you manage your profile and keep it up to date with information. Sites where you have to establish…

Develop a Job Search Plan

by Candace Alstad - Davies

develop a job search planDevelop a job search plan to effectively map out your job hunting strategy is vital to career success. Using Monster or Indeed job search websites or other reputable job search engines will help you uncover current jobs available, job descriptions, industry keywords, etc. Maybe you are interested in researching government career opportunities — as a reminder, make a note in your career advancement journal , such as  job search government. This will ensure you visit the job search websites that specialize in that sector.

Even if you are conducting your job search part time, you still need to have a clear vision of the end result to ensure you achieve what is  important to you. You want a career that you enjoy… so knowing what you want to do and don’t enjoy doing along with the relevant skills and qualifications you have to meet the criteria of the position desired. Once you’ve narrowed down potential jobs that are of interest, you will be able to further create a plan for a successful job search.

This is when you need to create an accomplishment-based, keyword-rich, and area of expertise focused profile resume along with a cover letter that shows your passion for the career move and your personality to show you will fit into their organization.  Set daily and weekly objectives so that you have a concrete way to evaluate your progress, and determine the amount of time you will spend on each job search activity like research, targeting jobs, and making contacts. Objectives will also hold you…

Which Resume Style is Best for You?

by Candace Alstad - Davies

resume styleIn some cases you may require different resume versions. So which resume style is best for you? If you aren’t an experienced resume writer, then chances are you have asked this same question. Developing a good resume takes work and often a number of days of writing and proofreading before you have a document that can stand up against the critical scrutiny of companies. So when someone mentions the need to develop different resume versions for different job applications, it might not invoke the most pleasant feelings. It is overwhelming enough to choose an appropriate resume style or resume format… now you need to create different resume versions. WOW, you are probably wondering just how to do this… here goes!

Creating different versions of your resume is something you must be prepared to do if you are going to see your applications receive a favorable response from employers. You should always remember that your resume is a key marketing tool in your quest to secure that all important job interview and ultimately gain a great position. Therefore, it stands to reason you need to develop your resume around the expectations of each position you apply for. Showing that you took the time to understand just what a particular company is looking for in the successful applicant will help you stand out from other candidates. There are two approaches …

Manage your Time During Your Job Search

by Candace Alstad - Davies

time managementIt is critical to manage your time during your job search. Searching for a new position can be a full-time job, but what is the most effective way to manage your energy and time? For most professionals seeking a job, the goal is to find the best opportunity quickly, but it can be difficult to implement this plan every day. To make the most of your valuable time, learn how to expedite the process so that you can stop searching and start working.

First and foremost, make a plan. Take the time to think about all the ways that you could get hired, and brainstorm all the different avenues of finding a job. Include a list of potential target companies to research, recruiters to contact, websites to visit, contacts you could use, job fairs, online job boards, and industry events to attend. Once you’ve made your list, follow through consistently to keep opening up new avenues and job possibilities. [click to continue…]

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Close a Job Interview Successfully

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Professional Learning While on the Job is an Important Perk

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Reevaluate Your Job Search Methods for Future Success

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