How to Secure Your Resume Against Fraud

by Candace Alstad - Davies

fraudWhenever you post your personal information online, there is a potential threat for fraud. The same can be true when posting your resume on one of the many job search sites. Below we will examine how to secure your resume against fraud to ensure that your information remains intact so that you can utilize this helpful resource in your job search.

While fraud is prevalent online, it tends to remain focused on companies that rely on online purchases for their business to remain fruitful. As job search sites tend to be free services, the information contained in your resume (which can be easily found other places, like in a phonebook) is not enough to put you at risk. That being said, you should still be mindful about the type of information you include in your resume and other job search documents. For instance, to keep yourself protected from fraud and to avoid releasing personal information unnecessarily, you should never include your social insurance number, driver’s license number, bank account information, credit card information, or date of birth on your resume. You should not be sharing any of this information with a potential employer until you are confident about the employment opportunity. If you still have reservations about posting your resume publicly

jobSo you’ve come across your ideal job but you’ve got so much relevant experience you’re afraid you might appear overqualified. Don’t panic. In order to land this type of job, you will just need to overcome any possible objections that an employer might have and use the situation to your advantage. Find out how to position yourself for a job you may be overqualified for.

Sometimes an employer may be thrilled at the prospect of an applicant who can easily do the job for the salary offered. However, most of the time employers hold reservations towards these types of applicants. So when preparing your career documents for this position and also when preparing for the interview, take into account the viewpoint of the employer. If you were making the hiring decision, what would your views be about an overqualified candidate?

The main pros and cons that employers have with overqualified candidates are that they require very little training and have extensive, proven experience with the knowledge of how to accomplish things, while they also may get bored quickly and could leave at the first opportunity. Another possible problem that the employer may consider, is why a seemingly overqualified candidate would be willing to somewhat settle for a position that is less than they are capable of. They could view other candidates as more willing to work harder and prove themselves in order to keep their job. In order to properly position yourself for this type of position

preparing for international job interviewAn international job interview is perhaps the most important part of the process of getting a job abroad. An interview allows you to sell your skills and show the interviewer why you are suitable for a particular position. Accordingly, preparation is critical. Here are some tips on preparing for an international job interview. Before the interview…

recommendationsFind out about the five steps to receiving great letters of recommendation.

Letters of recommendation from past employers play an important role in helping you to attain new jobs. Many companies require letters of recommendation, but otherwise they are good to have to back up the claims you make about yourself in your resume and cover letter. Given that competition is fierce in today’s job market, having past colleagues and bosses sing your praises can make the difference between getting rejected or unnoticed and moving onto the interview. There are five things…

Tap into Job Search Networking

by Candace Alstad - Davies

networkingIn order to really increase your odds of finding a new job, you should tap into job search networking. The Internet has become the super information highway. Because of the way this vast informational location is used, many job seekers have forgotten about the traditional way of job searching. Don’t rely just on the Internet when conducting your job search. Networking is an important job search tool to seek out career opportunities. Some people have abandoned the practice of networking to secure a job just because they don’t understand how it works. Networking is much more than sitting at a computer and applying for a job online.

Career networking is not as scary as it sounds, actually it is quite user friendly.  Your “network” is everyone you come in contact with on a daily basis. Whether it is in person, by phone, or e-mail, whoever you see or talk to is part of your network. This can include your colleagues, neighbors, family, college associates, friends, store clerks or your mail carrier. Simply put, networking is just talking to those around you. You can use this network to get the word out that you are looking for a new career adventure.  By simple conversation with those around you, you may get an opportunity you would not have gotten otherwise.    [click to continue…]

resumeDuring these harsh economic times, more and more people are getting laid off and looking for that elusive dream career opportunity. When an opening presents itself, you will want to be able to take full advantage of it and hopefully get a job interview and ultimately a solid job offer. Professionally written resumes and cover letters are an investment in your future and will help you to take full advantage of these opportunities.

In order to position yourself as the candidate of choice you will need to successfully communicate your value to hiring agents. Having professionally created resume and other job search documents is the best way to achieve this. Your resume needs to be accomplishment-based, key-word rich, visually appealing, and show your unique selling points or personal brand.

If you have been filling out applications and submitting your resume for months with nothing to show for it, it’s easy to become discouraged. However, the problem could be quite easy to fix. Since your resume is usually your first impression with a potential employer, you need to ensure that it effectively communicates your impressive skills, qualifications, and attributes. If it presently isn’t, then your resume could be standing in your way of receiving call backs. It is highly likely that your resume is not tailored to optimize its chance of being reviewed. [click to continue…]

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