interviewInterview Preparation will ensure a great first impression

Step 1: Know yourself and what you can offer

The initial step in preparing for an interview is a self-assessment to determine what you have to offer an employer. It is very important to develop a complete inventory of relevant skills, experience, education, certificates, and personal attributes that you can use to market yourself to employers during the interview process.

In establishing this inventory list – it is best to look at your resume. Remember all your interview answers must coincide with your marketing document – know it “inside and out.” Your detailed lists of accomplishments (past jobs, extra-curricular involvements, volunteer work, school projects, etc.) make it easy to identify your skills. Simply go through each item on the list, and ask yourself, “What did I learn by doing this?” “How did I save the company money?” “What expertise did I gain?” “What did my teachers or supervisors say about my talents?” Remember, skills fall into two groups…

achieveFind out how to plan your job search so you can achieve anything.

Perhaps at one time or another you may have said to yourself something like, “I don’t know why my life as a professional is like this,” or “I wonder when my life will change, maybe searching for a new job,” or even “I wish I could achieve what I want to achieve”. “Maybe getting a new resume and cover letter from an expert will increase the chances of me getting that dream job.”

If you think or talk like this you actually desire a satisfying or fulfilling working or even a management job by means of achieving something. There is nothing wrong with hoping or wishing for improvement; however, in order to achieve anything or be successful in anything, there are certain criteria or conditions which must be fulfilled first before getting what you want.

It is important to remember that things don’t just happen to people. We have to help change along. So, if you are unhappy with a certain aspect of your life or professional career, start working towards making change happen and you will soon see the benefits.

It is important to remember…

industry focused resumeAn industry focused resume is your first step to a new job. When you begin your hunt for a new job, your very first step is creating a persuasive and unique resume. There are right and wrong ways to complete your resume. If you aren’t sure what is the proper way, look at a template or search the Internet for resume tips. You want your resume to look professional, contain all pertinent information, and yet be easy to read.

Your Resume should be Precise and Organized: The more information you can put in the better, but leave out all the fluff. Be precise and to the point on your education, experience, attributes and quality points. Networking is essential but the resume is what employers will look at first. Who you know may get you the interview but it doesn’t guarantee you the job. What you have done is what will get your foot in the door. If you hand over a sloppy resume, you will not be taken seriously, and your chances of getting a job will be slim. Your resume is a reflection of you…

move through fearAn important skill in career advancement is the ability to learn how to move through fear for more money. The objective isn’t about ignoring or hiding from these feelings of fear; it’s simply about managing them when they appear. To pretend they don’t exist or get down on yourself when they show up just keeps you stuck in the low-level energy of these emotions and further away from your success.

One of the best ways you can manage your energy around fear is to have a clear, powerful vision of what you want. Great success stories start with a compelling vision that pulls you forward, even on those days when you are feeling very doubtful. So then, you have to ask yourself—what’s my vision? Too many professionals float…

5 Tips to Ensure Success in a Job Interview

by Candace Alstad - Davies

interviewHere are 5 tips to ensure success in a job interview. Use these tips on your next job interview. These five tips will help your confidence, appearance and overall performance.

1. Ask informed questions in a job interview – When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, ask at least one! By doing so, you will show enthusiasm and interest. Asking a question does not mean that you have not done your research; it conveys that you would like to know more about the position and the company. When you are given a chance to ask your interviewer questions, however, don’t come at him/her with boring or off-target subjects. Don’t ask questions about routine elements or functions of the company, but do ask intelligent, well prepared questions. You don’t want to make your interviewer think you will waste valuable company time on unimportant matters. 2. Do your homework

cold callingPeople who work within the company you are interested in can be valuable sources of information for your job hunt. However, it can be very daunting to contact people with whom you have no prior ties. The best way to approach this is to jump in with both feet by establishing employment contacts through cold calling.

Cold calling can take on many different forms, from a phone call to actually completing an informational interview in person. The key to success in a cold call is being prepared for anything. At any point in the process, you could find yourself dealing directly with the person who is responsible for hiring. So, you must always be ready to sell yourself and your skills.

One place to begin your cold calls is by using your personal network. This can be a great starting point as the more difficult cold calls to make are often to new contacts and employers. By starting with your personal network, you will be able to begin the cold calling process with people whom you already know, which makes it a great starting point. One way to find new contacts is…

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Make a Successful Job Search Telephone Cold Call

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