How to Immigrate and Find a Job in Canada

by Candace Alstad - Davies

CanadaIf you are looking to find out how to immigrate and find a job in Canada, read on.

There are many reasons why people from all over the world wish to immigrate to Canada. Some people move to Canada for a bigger, better, and brighter future, while others wish to rejoin their family members who have settled in Canada, and others still, wish to pursue a higher education and enhance their professional skills. Regardless of the reason, it is a universal feeling that Canada is a great destination for seeking well-paying jobs. However, according to statistics …

Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid

by Candace Alstad - Davies

resumeHere are some resume writing mistakes to avoid to increase the chances of a securing a job interview. More job seekers are enlisting the resume help of a professional resume writer before searching for a new job, Many of those around you will be quick to tell you that one of the most important aspects of landing a job is your resume. They will give you advice on how your resume should be current, captivating, honest and unique.  Although they will tell you these things, people often forget to tell you what you should avoid when writing your resume.  In our struggling economy…

job searchAlthough the goal of your job search is to find a new career or fulfilling job, during your job search you may still wish to have some form of employment to help pay your bills and keep you busy. It is also helpful for your resume to show that you didn’t just wait around for a new job while you performed your job search. Whether you want something to add to your resume for this reason, or want to find some way of increasing your skills in the job area you are looking in, here are 5 ways to gain employment during a job search. 1. Fill your free time with constructive activities

I can do this jobWriting your resume with accomplishments sells… and should convince the reader that you can do the job and will enjoy the position available. It should show you have the skills and expertise required to carry out job responsibilities 100% and that you are actually willing and eager to perform those duties.

You must remember this message when writing your accomplishment-based resume and cover letter which should include core competencies and industry specific keywords. Keep that motto in mind and let your commitment shine through when writing your cover letter as well.

The perfect place to highlight your skills and years of work experience is in a profile paragraph directly below your contact information and job title. Briefly indicate which traits you possess that are desired by the company. Also include a sentence or two describing your dedication to helping the company achieve its goals and mission. Since a cover letter …

autobiographyHave you ever considered writing an autobiography to secure a management job? Sometimes when applying for management positions at certain levels or in specific fields, you may be required to submit an autobiography. This is a document that allows you to recount events in your life that have shaped who you are and impacted your desire to work in your chosen field. An autobiography is basically a concise summary of a person’s life. To write a successful document, you do not need to start off with “I was born in 1965 in Los Angeles, California”. You do not need to start right from the beginning. If you have come from another country you can always mention that and specify when you moved to North America, as this provides a good background as to how you developed your beliefs and practices, and demonstrates your willingness to change and adapt. If you cultivated a passion for your career choice …

FacebookHave you ever wondered if using Facebook can help you with your job search? The fact is that LinkedIn is considered the most widely used professional networking website and it is also the primary tool for job seekers looking for work or wanting to be found online. But the thing is, with the growing popularity of Facebook, it too has become one of the hottest job search guides among social media for job seeking professionals. So, do not forget to use Facebook for your job search.  And while social networking websites …

How to Make Your Appearance at a Job Fair Spectacular

Employment job fairs are starting to pop up in various locations and will be increasing in the months to come – it’s that time of the year. Job fairs are a goldmine for excellent employment opportunities, and if you don’t know how to make your appearance at a job fair spectacular, you will easily miss […]

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Use A Letter Of Introduction to Address Employment Gaps

Though your resume may look spot on and demonstrate that you have the right type of experience and education, upon closer inspection a potential employer may see that there are gaps between your positions. Short spaces of time (i.e. one to three months) are explainable; usually it takes a while to find a new job […]

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How to Perform Better at Your Next Interview

Here are a few tips to help you learn how to perform better at your next interview:   1. Show up early. The worst thing a person can do at an interview is show up late. It is advisable that you arrive about 10 minutes early. As well, if you leave home early, you have a […]

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Creating a Powerful Professional Resume

Don’t let a difficult job market stop your professional career from flourishing. Superior professionals are constantly needed and, if you do a decent job of creating a powerful professional resume, you’ll be able to recession-proof your career. There are a few things to ponder when creating your resume for a tough job market.  Begin with […]

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