17 Cover Letter Tips that Maximize Results

by Candace Alstad - Davies

17 Cover Letter TipsIf you are wondering how to create a really strong cover letter, here are 17 cover letter tips that maximize results. The way cover letters are written will directly affect the message they deliver, make sure it’s the right one. Follow the practices below for writing good effective cover letters. It will help you understand how to communicate your thoughts and show your personality. It is extremely important to show employers how you can fix their staffing problems. With the following advice, you can make your letter look and sound better. If you are still not satisfied with it, or need a critique, let us know. View all 17 cover letter tips

Unemployed College and University StudentsWriting a college graduate student resume and cover letter can be difficult because of lack of work experience or achievements unless they had a former career. Many students who are starting preparing for their job search don’t know how to identify their relevant strengths, accomplishments, or skills.

You finally graduated with a degree or certification… what a relief. Being a student is a long and bumpy road, and now you’re ready to find your dream job. You’re about to begin the career that you and/or your parents spent all that money on.


So what’s the next step?

Information Technology Resume Writing

by Candace Alstad - Davies

Secure an Information Technlogy PositionInformation technology resume writing has its own specific requirements. The perfect IT resume uses specific keywords, skills and qualifications to fit the IT position it is targeting. Keywords are critical when writing your IT resume to pass the scanning devices used today. A recent study found that the most popular IT keyword categories include: programming languages, web development, operating systems, database, networking, security, and systems’ analysis and design.  Read the current advertisements or job listings for IT positions to determine the keywords that companies use to describe the skills they are seeking; then, take these keywords and use them in your resume. Make a list of your own unique…

follow up letterIf you want to land a job you need an effective follow-up strategy; here are some ideas for you. Having applied for a job by submitting a fantastic resume and cover letter and then attending an interview still does not guarantee you the position you are seeking. In today’s job market, there are so many qualified and exceptional candidates applying for very few slots. Therefore, it often takes more than an impeccable resume and a wonderful interview session to land the job. Conducting an effective follow-up is just as important as the other steps in your application procedure, and doing it properly can determine whether or not you get the job.

Two Important Levels of Follow-Ups There are actually two…

job search tips for recent college graduatesJob search success and continuing education go hand in hand. Continuing education is when you decide to enhance your career and bolster your credentials by learning new skills and acquiring additional knowledge. No matter what your field, continuing education can be a big determinant of your job search success. Continuing education provides professionals with the additional information they require to be effective in their prospective careers.

Industry standards change often, as new discoveries are made, technologies are developed and efficiencies are improved. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with these discoveries by taking continuing education classes in your field. By taking up these classes, you become better in your industry, and this in turn makes you “attractive” to potential employers. The world is fast…

Resume Writing Tips to Get Job Interviews

by Candace Alstad - Davies

18 Resume Writing Tips Resume writing tips to get job interviews — review this checklist and see if you need to make some changes to your resume. The overall appearance of your resume must make the employer want to read it. Presentation is everything, because first impressions last.

  1. Your resume layout must be modern, professional, and eye-catching
  2. Information must be organized for easy reading. When the recipient first glances at it, key skills and accomplishments must be easily seen. Remember, five to twenty seconds is all your resume gets in the first screening round.
  3. Does the quality…

Working With a Recruiter for Your Job Search

Working with a recruiter for your job search is a strategy to use after you have written a resume and a cover letter directed to the recruiter. With the job market as competitive as ever there are many job search benefits of working with a recruiter… it’s a job search method you don’t want to […]

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How to Create a Recession Proof Resume

How to create a recession proof resume can be a very difficult thing but it is incredibly important to ensuring a successful job search. How do you make a resume that will get you noticed, called for an interview and hired during a recession when the rate of unemployment is at an all-time high? The […]

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The Most Important Facet of Your Job Search Plan

The most important facet of your job search plan is communicating your value proposition. When you are planning your job search, you need to approach it as though it is a marketing campaign. The hiring managers, company owners, board of directors, recruiters, etc. are the buyers and you are the actual product. As a product, […]

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