Move Your Career Forward to Prevent Boredom

by Candace Alstad - Davies

Move Your Career Forward to Prevent It from Becoming StagnantMove your career forward to prevent boredom is very important to life fulfillment. In your professional career, it is incredibly important to move your career forward to prevent it from becoming stagnant. No matter what your professional career is, continuous learning is important in order to avoid career stagnation. You need to have a solid career development goal in order to ensure that your career will go beyond the typical static experience in the work environment. That is why you always have to take advantage of opportunities that will allow you to proceed forward and maximize both your learning and career options. Taking additional courses, trainings, and professional development sessions are often the most practical options to prevent becoming stagnant in your professional field because these are the key steps toward achieving horizontal and or vertical movement in your career. After completing your initial degree…

unique selling pointA job interview is the right time to market and sell yourself as your own brand. This means you should share your unique selling point during the job interview. Your unique selling point includes what your unique abilities are or what makes you different that the rest of the candidates.  Whether you are a Real Estate Agent, Executive Administrator, Librarian, Manager, Welder, Business Owner, or a Lawyer, you need to convey what makes you unique. This will set you apart from the other candidates applying for the same position.

You need to communicate to the hiring committee the reasons you are the perfect candidate for the position. So in order to rise above the competition, you need to know what differentiates yourself from all the others. In other words, you need to come up with your unique selling point… call it branding, if you like. You need to brainstorm…

recharge your energyIf you’ve been conducting a job search for a while now, chances are you need to recharge your energy to help your job search. Let’s face it: a job search can be a very thankless and grueling activity.  It takes a lot of work to maintain your job search: updating and editing your resume and cover letter for each job posting, researching opportunities, preparing for interviews, following up on opportunities, and coping with rejection. Too often a job search can feel like nothing more than disappointments and rejection. SO Stop!

How to Properly End a Job Interview

by Candace Alstad - Davies

how to properly end a job interviewThere are several steps to achieving a new job — answering questions with confidence, accuracy, and passion and of course ending the job interview successfully is critical. When you get chosen, this shows that an employer is interested in you and that you may have some quality or skill they need. They will then require you to come in person to clarify or buttress some key points regarding your resume and the position. In other words…

a job interview should be an open discussionA job interview should be an open discussion. This will allow the conversation to flow easier and the interviewer will learn more about your personality and who you are as a professional and you will learn more about the company and the interviewer. Consider the typical job interview stereotype: The intimidating and powerful interviewer interrogates the ill-fated candidate, looking for flaws, tapping into weaknesses, and trying to trap the candidate into saying or doing something that will knock him/her out of the running. While this might be how it feels to be a candidate…

A Winning Job Fair Strategy

by Candace Alstad - Davies

winning job fair strategyA job fair is a function where several companies from different industries come together to scout for new talent. In such an event, potential employees receive the chance to showcase their skills and distribute their resumes to different companies. You also get a chance to network with other professionals at the fair. Those candidates who are able to make an impression are the ones who are hired. However, a job fair can be a nerve wrecking task because you meet many professionals at the fair and all of them are looking for the same thing: A job! You, therefore, can become intimidated and feel like you do not stand a chance. This is why it is important to have a winning job fair strategy. The following are tips…

Completing Job Applications Properly

Completing job applications properly can be tedious and time consuming. Job applications to submit for jobs are not substitutes for a resume, but are frequently required. How you complete them is crucial to your job search. Many employers request an application for conformity reasons and to obtain a signature from the applicant. Some employers require […]

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Writing an Effective Resume to Generate Interviews

Writing an effective resume to generate interviews … If you are, you are not alone; let’s discuss some important aspects to consider when developing your resume. First of all, you need to understand that your resume is a marketing tool and you are marketing a product and that product is you. Do not underestimate the […]

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Successful Job Interview Via Phone Using These Tips

Increase the odds of having a successful job interview via phone using these tips. Even though a phone interview may seem easier than a regular interview on the surface, it can actually be a bit harder. A phone interview can happen when you least expect it or it can be scheduled. You have to successfully […]

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Analyze Job Postings to Make a Focused and Targeted Resume

Analyze job postings to make a focused and targeted resume because postings and job descriptions will help provide keywords and direction when you are stuck. You can find useful and helpful information to incorporate into your career documents directly from job postings. Before creating or updating your resume and cover letter, search available job openings […]

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