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Does the Idea of Attending a Job Interview leave you Feeling…

Nervous; or

You are not alone! The prospect of attending a job interview can …

resumeIncorporate quotes into your resume and cover letter and make your documents really stand out. When an employer writes an annual review, develops a letter of recommendation for you, or even sends a nice compliment on your work, make sure you file it away for future use. These documents can be powerful tools to help you stand out amongst other candidates applying for the same job. From these documents, you will be able to extract quotes and testimonials that can be incorporated into your résumé and cover letter. When a person in charge of hiring reads these quotes, they will automatically be made aware that your skills are concrete and you have in fact been an asset to past companies or organizations. The best spots to place these quotes …

interviewAdvantages of Participating in a Discussion Based Interview

When you attend your next job interview, instead of simply submitting to the question and answer process, approach it as an opportunity to learn. Ask questions; listen carefully; then look for opportunities to relate what you’ve learned about the company, the industry, a challenge the company is facing, etc. to your own knowledge and experiences – phrased in the form of solutions.

The interview then takes the form of a discussion between two professionals with some shared challenges and some shared experiences. It will become natural to relate your own success stories in a way that is wholly relevant to the company’s challenges, rather than simply reciting “accomplishment statements” that you’ve memorized for the interview. Consider the following advantages …

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

by Candace Alstad - Davies

grow upWhat do you want to be when you grow up? That question should be all too familiar to all of us. We were often asked this question as children, and it would elicit responses such as: cowboy, firefighter, actress, or astronaut.

Just because we are now “all grown up”, it does not mean that we can no longer ask ourselves this question.

Our lives can sometimes go off-course and take us in directions that we never expected or, even, ever wanted. Luckily, however, it is never too late. It’s never too late to change course or pick a new career. So now I ask you: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

How to Write a Great Cover Letter

by Candace Alstad - Davies

cover letterHow to Write a Great Cover Letter When applying for a job, many people wonder whether a cover letter is really necessary; they often ask the questions: why can’t I just post or email my resume or application form and let it speak for itself? Won’t a cover letter just be repeating what’s already in my resume anyway? Is it really necessary to include a cover letter?


The answer to this last question is yes. You really do need a cover letter, and here’s why… Most job search experts would agree that typically, a first impression of someone is formed within 4-8 seconds. Even scarier is the concept that once a first impression is formed; it’s very unlikely to change. If the chair of the selection committee opens your resume and discovers that you haven’t bothered to include a cover letter, it’s very possible that your application will end up in the recycling bin along with the envelope it came in.


The most important part of having a cover letter is …

4f96122f-smush-ID-100287070+(250x239)Using social media networking for your job search can be well worth it if it is done correctly. Facebook is a great social networking platform that can be used for many positive reasons. You can reconnect with long lost friends and family; share photos, ideas, and videos, and use it as a marketing tool in your job search.

When using Facebook though, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Feel free to use Facebook and LinkedIn as a place to connect with people within your company, organization, community, group, business, family, etc. It’s a great platform for communication, sending and receiving ideas and documents, and networking in your job search. Don’t post inappropriate …

Attend Job Fairs as an Avenue to Find a New Job

In your job search, you can attend job fairs as an avenue to find a new job. Through a job fair, you can yield excellent networking contacts and if, all goes well, a new job. If you are looking to land a new rewarding job, you may wonder which job search strategy or technique to […]

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Working Internationally Can Be a Rewarding Experience

If you are looking for a bit of an adventure, why not consider working internationally. Working internationally can be a rewarding experience. Many professionals and recent graduates make the decision to work overseas. This can be a great way to give back to a developing community, an opportunity to save a little extra cash, a […]

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Attitude Can Be the Key to Success In a Job Interview

Did you know that your attitude can be the key to success in a job interview? Receiving a job offer after an interview depends on many factors – how well your skills and talents fit with what the organization is looking for, how well you communicate your value proposition, how many other qualified candidates are […]

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Resume Paper Makes a Difference to a Resume

Resume paper makes a difference to a resume when you are trying to make a good presentation. If you are actively seeking a job, you are likely looking to distribute your resume to as many people as possible to increase your probability of obtaining that dream job. Most job hunters would be willing to set […]

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