LinkedIn Job SearchLinkedIn plays a role when searching for a new position.  LinkedIn is one of the best professional social media platforms you can use in your job search. Aside from being a good venue to grow your network and remain in contact with your work colleagues, this site can help you find a job according to what skills you have or what career you want to pursue.

LinkedIn plays an important role in your job search. One of the greatest benefits of this site is the fact that you can use your network to help you with your job search by letting you know of opportunities in their company that apply to you and by getting recommendations from colleagues that already work in the company you are applying to. In today’s job market

thank you letterMost job seekers don’t realize that a thank you letter is as important as a cover letter, After you have finished your scheduled interview for a job you have been wanting, you may think you have nothing more to do except wait for the phone call that will announce whether or not you get the job. This is a very popular misconception however, because if you want to further increase your chances of being accepted by the company, it is important to follow up your interview with a well written thank you letter.

A thank you letter after an interview is as important as the cover letter you initially sent to promote yourself and give support to your resume. If your thank you letter is written in a very effective manner, you can serve as a distinctive factor that will set you apart from other competitors vying for the same position.

The main point of why you need to send a thank you letter after your job interview is to help you get your name at the top of the list and grab the attention of your possible employer. Remember that most of the applicants you are competing against won’t even think to write a thank you letter and you can take advantage of this to make sure you get that competitive edge. So to ensure you write an effective thank you letter, here are some key points you should consider. When developing a thank you letter

Finding the Right Job

by Candace Alstad - Davies

finding the right jobFinding the right job can be tricky. It would be great if the company of your dreams called you up as soon as you graduated from college and offered you the job you always wanted.  However, as anyone who has ever been hired for a job knows, this is never the case. Whether you are a newly graduated individual or a seasoned professional, you will need to do some serious legwork to find the right job.

Obtaining a new position can be difficult, but it is much easier if you know where to look and start your job search with a strong resume and cover letter. Consider checking the following sources when seeking your next job.

• The Newspaper While it is not…

How to Structure Your Cover Letter

by Candace Alstad - Davies

cover letterWriting an attention-grabbing cover letter to accompany your resume can be a frustrating and tricky business. The temptation to opt out completely is one that should be dismissed! Failing to include a cover letter can look as though you’re just not putting in the effort, but it can be difficult to decide exactly what to include and what to leave out. If you’re finding it hard to put your cover letter together, read on for some simple tips on how to structure your cover letter.

Like any letter, your cover letter can be divided into three discrete sections; the opening paragraph, the main body of the letter, and your closing paragraph. Here are some user-friendly tips on what to include in each section: Opening Paragraph of the Cover Letter

How to Include the Right Resume Keywords

by Candace Alstad - Davies

resume keywordsIf you want employers and recruiters to locate your resume easily, you need to know how to include the right resume keywords. When most companies conduct a search, they do so by typing relevant keywords into search engines like Yahoo, MSN, ASK, and Google. The more targeted your resume keywords are, the higher the chances that your resume will appear in an employer’s or recruiter’s search results.

A recruiter will know everything about using complicated variations of keywords to locate different resumes on the Internet. They also make use of high tech tools within candidate tracking software, which searches resumes for crucial keywords that match the specification for a particular job. Below is a list of tips on how to know which keywords you need to use.

• Check out Webpages on the Company’s Website: A large amount of blogs and websites contain many significant keywords that you could use within your resume, so take the time to look for them. Look for words that may be repeated in different parts of the text. You should also check out articles, reviews of the company and company profiles. [click to continue…]

job boards ineffectiveUsing job boards can be ineffective for your job search because using them to post a resume or reply to job ads is one of the most commonly used job hunting strategies. Unfortunately, when you are looking forward to starting a new career, regardless of the industry, using job boards can be highly ineffective and a tremendous waste of your time.

Using job aggregators online and job boards are free for job seekers but employers and professional recruiters pay good money to have access to the services. And because hiring managers who paid for the service would naturally want to get the best results for their money, resumes that are under qualified do not stand a chance of getting noticed which can pose a huge setback to your job hunting. When employers invest good money for access to job databases, they are intent on finding someone who can perform the required job or who already has the experience in the same field they are advertising for. This means that regardless of how compelling or well written your resume is or how enthusiastic and motivated you are in your efforts, you will simply not get the job if you do not precisely meet the required qualifications. A lot of job seekers think

How to Get the Best Resume Results

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Writing a Personal Statement for Residency Admissions

Writing a personal statement for residency admissions can be a stressful task. If you think back to when you applied for medical school, you’ll probably have mixed feelings. You will recall going through the process of waiting to find out if your application had been successful. If you’re now in the process of applying for […]

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How to Include Older Experiences In Your Resume

How to Include Older Experiences In Your Resume The rule of thumb when creating a chronological resume is to emphasize your most recent work experience and give less and less real estate to jobs that go further back into your past. However, you may run into a problem if you want to highlight a work […]

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How to Revive Your Job Search

If you’ve been conducting your job search for quite a while now and have still had no luck, perhaps it’s time to rethink your product launch and learn how to revive your job search. Have you tried every strategy you can think of and still haven’t found a job? If this sounds like you, I […]

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