Overcoming Job Hunting Depression

by Candace Alstad - Davies

Overcoming job hunting depression is not always the easiest thing to do, but with a positive, determine, and persistent attitude you will be able to turn this around. The greatest part about life is its uncertainty and the fact that it is full of surprises. Throughout your job search hang in there when life throws you a curve ball and turnaround the job search blues.

Uncertainty can have negative effects on our life and we can also get some unwanted surprises that throw us for a loop. Life is full of twists and turns and even if we experience a turn that we didn’t expect, or didn’t necessarily want, we need to learn to take them in stride.

For instance…

resumeOne of the things that you need to include when you are creating your resume is a list of the jobs you have held. Most experts recommend that you list your previous five places of employment. At first, writing down the names of the places you have worked seems simple. When you actually sit down to do it, you quickly learn that it is more complicated than you originally thought. You have to list the jobs, the time frame, your job title, your duties and your reason for leaving. If you have employment gaps, knowing how to deal with employment gaps on your resume can be a big help to your job search success.  Some people think that …

job searchEnsuring that you have a great resume and cover letter is a very important first step in your job search. But your job search documents need personalizing to get results. An important factor in determining your job search success is how personalized your documents are toward each individual job posting that you apply to.

Don’t make up a generic resume. Use a template that you can change to adhere to whatever position you are applying for. By doing this you can move items around, add to or subtract from subjects to bring the skills and attributes that apply toward the specific position to the attention of the employer. Remember, the most important…

resumeAre you pondering your future and where it is headed? Like many people, I am sure that you have promised to finally find a career that you enjoy and find fulfilling. Before you take the plunge into the world of job searching, I would like to give you one word of caution. If it has been a while since you have updated your resume, you will certainly want to do a check up on your resume to ensure that you get maximum results. Part of this process is ensuring you know how to connect your resume to your job search.

I have listed tips to ensure your resume is up-to-date and top-notch:

1. Check your career objectives. Are they the same as your last job search? Ensure that your resume …

Conducting a Job Search on the Internet

by Candace Alstad - Davies

job searchConducting a job search on the internet is the most popular choice for most job hunters these days. However, there are so many websites and search engines to use, one can easily become overwhelmed or frustrated. Instead of blindly searching around the Internet, first narrow down what type of job you are looking for, or in what sector or for which company.

Some of the best resources to use are company websites. Most companies across the country have a website with a page specifically devoted to information about them as well as employment opportunities. There may be internships, upcoming opportunities, or links to additional job search websites. If you are looking to apply within a specific city…

interviewGoing in person to inquire about job openings and meet potential employers can be intimidating. At this stage, you may simply be dropping off a resume, but this is the least amount of contact you want to make. Ideally, you will want to meet with the person who is hiring, deliver your personal spiel, and leave your resume with them. At any point, if it is appropriate, don’t hesitate to ask for an informational interview. Face-to-face cold calling interview appointments will allow you to get a leg up on the competition.

Make sure to dress appropriately when going to meet employers. Wear clean, pressed clothing, and take care with your personal hygiene. Also remember to smile and make lots of eye contact when speaking; it will do wonders for your appearance, make you appear confident and self-assured, and will make the employer feel comfortable with you. Maintaining a professional attitude …

Your Resume Needs to Include Your Accomplishments

Most professionals in a certain profession have the same set of responsibilities; for instance, a sales management professional will develop sales pitches, manage sales campaigns, manage a sales team, train sales persons, and engage in client relations, etc. Keep in mind; you need to do something to set yourself apart from the average candidate. This […]

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Stay Optimistic During Your Job Search

Job searching in this tough economic climate can seem like an almost impossible feat. However, even though it can be an uphill battle, the achievement of a fulfilling career will make the victory that much more sweet. The key is to keep an open mind and stay optimistic during your job search … and be […]

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How Can Industry Keywords Help in Your Resume?

How can industry keywords help in your resume?  When a company has 100 or more resumes submitted for a single job position within 2 days of placing an advertisement for a job, the chances are they are not going to laboriously plod through all of them. Modern technology allows the computerized filtering of all the […]

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Marketing Yourself While You Are Still an Intern

Marketing yourself while you are still an intern can be tough. As an Intern you are aware of the stiff competition you are up against. There are many other interns and students/recent graduates looking to be hired, as well as seasoned professionals with anywhere from 5-35 years of experience. Therefore, when scouting potential companies, look […]

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