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Does your resume show what you have accomplished?

A resume will show the same set of responsibilities for candidates in the same industry, such as: delivering patient care, speaking to patients and their families, administering medication and tests, assisting doctors, and looking after patients’ needs, etc. for someone who is a nurse. Keep in mind you need to do something to set yourself apart from the average professional in your field. This can be accomplished by writing your resume and cover letter in a way that will distinguish you as unique and that you are passionate about your profession — it is all in the wording. You need to convey that you do not simply perform your duties, but also make a difference to the companies you work for. This is why accomplishments are such an integral part of a resume.

When creating your resume, listing all of your accomplishments since the first grade is clearly not necessary. However, you should have something…

Conducting a Job Search Online

by Candace Alstad - Davies

online job searchIf you are conducting a job search online there are a few things you should be aware of. There are so many websites one can easily become overwhelmed or frustrated. Instead of blindly searching around the Internet, first narrow down what type of job you are looking for, or in what sector or for which company. Some of the best resources to use are company websites. Most companies across the country have a website with a page specifically devoted to information about them and maybe employment opportunities. There may be internships, upcoming opportunities, or links to additional job search websites.

If you are looking to apply within a specific city or region, look for local job search websites. For example you might type in “Boston marketing opportunities” or “Toronto district sales job search”. If a commute is not a problem for you, then you might also want to look one or two towns over. For new graduates…

Quality Resume Paper Will Help Your Resume Stand OutQuality resume paper will help your resume stand out, so make sure before printing your job search documents to head to the stationary store and spend a little extra on the best resume paper.

If you are actively seeking a job, you are likely looking to distribute your resume to as many companies in your industry as possible to increase your probability of obtaining that dream job. Most job hunters would be willing to set up a booth at a grocery store and hand out their resume like a granola bar sample if they felt it would help them get a job.

Just like with your digital resume, it is important for your paper resume to make use of design elements in a very effective manner to make it more visually appealing. With a better designed resume, you can increase your chance of it being read by companies and eventually getting a job interview where you can personally sell or promote yourself to the company for which you are interested in working. Here are some basic…

interviewFocusing on what to do or say in a job interview is vital to secure a job offer. You worked very hard to get this far – blowing it on failing to understand interviewing basics simply won’t do. While you work on the important aspects you need to do during a job interview, keep in mind these five critical things not to do during a job interview:

1. Don’t Lie. The truth will always come out and it will “bite you in the butt.” Trained interviewers will know something is wrong if you hedge on your answers or fidget too much.  Did you tell them you need the job because your aunt or mother is sick?  Did you tell them your last job paid you two times what it actually did? Did you lie about the gap you have in your employment section of the resume? Did you lie or cover up your low grade point average? The truth is always the best approach – it never will get you in trouble. For questions that border on personal issues or taboo topics, a simple, polite, but truthful, “I’m not comfortable discussing that at this time” is all you need to say and then try to get the conversation back on track. 2. Don’t “trash talk”

resumeYou finally graduated. Being a student was a long and bumpy road, and now you’re ready to find your dream job. You’re about to begin the career that you and/or your parents spent all that money on. So are you ready for the next step? The question is: do you know how to create a resume and cover letter as a college graduate?

First, you must have a professional resume and cover letter. But this is real life and there is no help, is there? Relax and read on. Help is at hand. We take a great interest in …

How to Choose Which Resume Format to Use

by Candace Alstad - Davies

resumeIt might seem like all resumes are the same, but after you have read a few, you will discover there are actually some massive differences. The format you choose can be the deciding factor between getting called for a job interview or sending out more copies of your resume. So, do you know how to choose which resume format to use?

There are many aspects that separate an attention-grabbing resume from an unsuccessful one. Many job seekers make the mistake of thinking that the layout of the resume is unimportant. The reality is that the layout is almost as important as the information you include. There are three popular types of layouts you can choose to use. I would estimate that at least 90% of the resumes created are either created using a chronological format or a functional format. The third is the combination resume format that is rarely used, but is growing in popularity. A Chronological Resume Format

The Job Interview Process

The job interview process consists of several different steps. You have your initial, mandatory steps that include showing up to the actual interview and handing in a resume.  Then you have the extra steps that a lot of people overlook, because they either do not know it is important or they don’t know how to […]

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Top Five Cover Letter Tips for Changing Careers

Find out the top five cover letter tips for changing careers. An increasing number of people are changing careers nowadays. The change could be for various reasons… maybe now their children are in school and they are now looking for a chance to get back into the working world. Maybe they are looking for a […]

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5 Job Search Tips to Help You Gain More Interviews

Here are 5 job search tips to help you gain more interviews: 1. Commit your time and energy We all know that a job search can be time consuming and challenging, almost to the point of overwhelming. However, it is a serious venture that needs to be approached with complete commitment if you want it to […]

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Tips For Writing A Cover Letter In An Email

Many companies accept e-mail cover letters and resumes. There is a proper way to submit these when you are job searching. You will want to ensure your cover letter is neat, enticing, concise, easy to read, and in a professional format. Try to make your email look different than “just another e-mail”. Most employers will […]

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