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Questions Frequently Asked at Canadian Resume Writing Service

Do you have questions about our resume writing services? Below are answers to some common questions about our professional Canadian resume writing and career services.

Don’t hesitate to give Candace Alstad – Davies a call toll-free at 1 877 738-8052 or email candoco@telus.net.

Candace lives in Canada and works with individuals around the globe by offering an amazing selection of job search and career services to meet the needs of all our clients.

Common resume writing questions our clients and visitors ask.

  1. Why should I hire a Canadian Certified Professional instead of writing my own resume? click here
  2. I currently don’t have a resume, but don’t want a “cookie cutter” resume. How do you compile the necessary information you need to make my resume unique to me? Click here
  3. How long does the process take? Click here
  4. What if I need a resume right away? Click here
  5. How do I know Canadian Resume Writing Service is a reputable and legitimate business? Click here
  6. How do I know if I will be pleased with my resume? Click here
  7. Am I able to make changes to my resume? Click here
  8. Why do you take payment up front? Click here
  9. I don’t have a Visa or Master Card, how can I pay for your services? Click here
  10. Is it ethical to have someone else write my resume and cover letter? Click here
  11. Why do I need to send a thank you letter or follow-up letter after an interview? Click here
  12. Why do I need a text version? Click here
  13. Do you provide refunds? What is your satisfaction guarantee? Click here
  14. I have an old or existing resume, will you review it and let me know how I should proceed? Click here
  15. After I have received my resume and am fully satisfied? Can I order a cover letter separately? Click here
  16. Are your prices negotiable? Do you provide discounts? Click here
  17. How do you conduct resume consultations? Click here
  18. Now I am ready to get started. Where do I begin? Click here

Canadian Resume Writer – Entry-level to Executive

1.   Why Should I Hire a Canadian Professional Resume Writer?

A Certified Professional Resume Writing Service is highly knowledgeable in preparing clear, concise, and “punchy” phrases that grab the reader’s attention. They are highly trained individuals who know what is essential on a resume and what is considered “fluff”. Always remember, your ultimate goal is to leave a potential interviewer with the impression that there is so much more to be discovered about you.

Revealing all of your secrets within your resume will give the reader enough reasons to make a decision about you without granting you an interview.

A professional is an objective third party that writes resumes and cover letters every day. They thrive on being highly skilled to uncover relevant accomplishments and talents from your past history to make your resume shout, “Hire Me”, and fill your appointment calendar with interviews.

Certified Professionals have great insight into industry “lingo”, modern keywords, what employers are seeking, and how to effectively demonstrate this within your document. They are current on job market trends, and can successfully isolate your most marketable skills and abilities. We take to task those skills and accomplishments, put them on paper, and promote your value to potential employers.

Candace Davies is a Dually Certified Resume Writer (CPRW and CRW) Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) and a Certified Electronic Career Coach (CECC), Certified Interview Coach™ (CIC), as well as an Associate Certified Career Coach Candidate (ACC). She has the credentials to help you find your dream job.

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2.   I currently don’t have a resume, but don’t want a “cookie cutter” resume. How do you compile the necessary information you need to make my resume unique to me?

Once you have purchased our services, you will immediately receive, by e-mail, a series of questions that assist in uncovering your unique qualities, skills, and accomplishments. It is necessary that we ask a number of targeted questions to ensure that your documents are specific and unique to you … this is why our resumes have proven time and time again to be so effective. While completing your worksheet, it is not necessary to pay attention to sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar. You can sit back and relax and leave that work to us. Our job is to produce a refined and professional piece of writing that will get you the results you are looking for.

Our highly developed industry-specific worksheet is one of the features that set us apart from other companies; we understand that information gathering is vital in developing a powerful document. These worksheets have helped many individuals recall past work experiences and significant details that they may have otherwise missed. Using this process instills a sense of confidence in our clients and further assists them in preparation for their upcoming interviews.

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3.   How long does the resume writing process take?

Once full payment has been received, you will instantly receive an email from Candace that will confirm your order. She will ask you a few questions about your career objectives in order to send you a development worksheet that is specific to your background and job target. Once you have provided that information, you will receive an e-mailed worksheet to be completed in full.

Upon receipt of your completed worksheet, your order will be completed within five business days.

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4.   What if I need a resume right away?

We certainly have no problem accommodating a shorter turnaround time however, we ask that you contact us via email or phone to confirm a quicker turnaround. Remember, Canadian Resume Writing Service is dedicated to producing a high-quality product.

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5.   How do I know Canadian Resume Writing Service is a legitimate business?

To begin, I am a member in good standing with five (5) resume writing and coaching organizations. These organizations bind members to a code of ethics, which if broken can cancel your membership along with your credibility and reputation. I am devoted to making my business number one and dedicated numerous hours to designing this Web site and producing a helpful and informative newsletter. Our business is reputable and our referral rate is second to none.

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6.   How do I know if I will be pleased with my resume?

We guarantee that you will be pleased with your results. Have a quick look at past comments from satisfied clients, our success rate, and our high referral rate to realize that we are committed to customer satisfaction. All requests for revisions or additions can be sent by fax or email, and we will make the changes necessary to ensure your satisfaction, this is important and must be emphasized. We do not want anyone leaving our company unhappy; we are familiar with the power of referrals. As mentioned earlier, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and will work diligently with you to achieve this.

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7.   Am I able to make changes to my resume?

Most definitely, these are your documents. Some companies do not allow you to make revisions; however, we are not one of these companies. In fact, you will want to tailor your cover letter to your specific needs by entering the date, contact name, company name, address, etc. Actually, some clients find it beneficial to change a few sentences to tailor the letter to a specific company or organization.

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8.   Why do you take payment up front?

The career development worksheet that we use are specific, and we believe they are extremely helpful to extract quality information from the client. We take pride in this critical tool that allows us to create the document that will provide you with unlimited opportunities; therefore we will not send it out without full payment. In addition, these documents are unique and really only fit one person, and give a hiring manager the rare and special chance to get to know who you really are. Your individual personality, values, and unique skills will intrigue the potential employer, resulting in a memorable first impression.

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9.   I don’t have a Visa or Master Card, how can I pay for your services?

No credit card, no problem! You can send payment via check or money order or transfer your funds via the Western Union or MoneyGram (Please email transaction number and your contact information) or we do take payment through Paypal.com. Once full payment has been received, we will send you the required career development worksheet and instructions by email. Full payment is required before work on the project begins.

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10.   Is it ethical to have someone else write my resume and cover letter?

Of course, it is. You may be the very best in your field, but if your documents don’t demonstrate this, you may be missing out on fantastic employment opportunities. We take your skills, accomplishments, and experiences and transform them into a masterpiece. Clients comment on how well their documents have captured who they are. We combine all of your ideas and thoughts from your worksheet and create wonderfully marketable documents. We design resumes and cover letters for the highest executives; they understand how important these documents are. Many clients simply cannot afford the time and attention required to create them.

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11.   Why do I need to send a thank you letter or follow-up letter after an interview?

A thank you letter will reinforce your candidacy and emphasize your value once again to the company or organization. As well, it gives you the occasion to mention anything else that might have been forgotten. It is a fact that many job seekers do not feel the need to utilize this type of letter, and those who do, often use it incorrectly. A targeted thank you letter will strengthen your position with the interviewer, and can often be the deciding factor on who successfully obtains the position.

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A follow-up letter ensures that you maintain open communication while establishing your name in the forefront. Follow-up letters exhibit three important points:

  • You are still very interested in the position
  • Assurance that you are well qualified to handle the job
  • You will be waiting for a prompt response

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12.   Why do I need a text version?

In today’s Internet-based society, so many employers ask that you send your resume in electronically, and it is imperative that you use a text version of your resume and cover letter. This format enables you to send your documents via email to potential employers who will not accept attachments or to post to company websites and online job boards where they ask you to copy and paste your resume. Using a text version of your documents involves the reformatting of your documents to comply with standards presented by emerging technologies during electronic transmission, and allows your resume and cover letter to be compatible with virtually any word processor.

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13.   Do you provide refunds? What is your satisfaction guarantee?

Canadian Resume Writing Service stands firmly by the quality of their work, always exhibits high standards. If you are not completely pleased with our product, we will work diligently with you until you are 100% satisfied with your package. If you feel the need to request a refund, please contact us immediately. We value our customers and do not want them to leave unsatisfied – referrals contribute immensely to the increase in our sales each year.

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14.   I have an old or existing resume, will you review it and let me know how I should proceed?

Absolutely, we will look at your existing or older resume and provide you with our professional opinion. Often times, clients feel that they have authored a great resume. With Canadian Resume Writing Service, we have the “inside” on what top employers are seeking in their potential employees. We have the knowledge and capability to assist you in securing your desired position.

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15.   After I have received my resume and am fully satisfied? Can I order a cover letter separately?

By all means, simply follow the same directions as you did to order your resume. We would be happy to assist you in the development of any document or interview preparation you may want to order at a later date.

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16.   Are your prices negotiable? Do you provide discounts?

I must say that resume writing is a highly specialized field, contrary to what some people might think. It has taken me a long time to become an expert in this field, and I have invested a great deal of education, training, and time to perfect my talents.

Canadian Resume Writing Services believe that our services are priced comparatively. Once we have worked our magic on your documents, and you have secured your dream job, you will realize your investment. Compromise our work by producing “cookie cutter” documents is not an option. We will continue to stand by our high quality and customized service that you deserve. Our professionalism remains paramount to our successful and thriving network.

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17.   Most clients prefer to correspond via email.

If a telephone consultation is what you prefer, no problem (check for additional cost).

We use a career development questionnaire which gives our clients time to think about the questions and generate answers. Many times they ask someone close to them (spouse, friend, etc. to help).

From our experience clients enjoy the worksheet – they have reported learning so much about themselves and their career objectives during this important process. It’s a real eye-opener and an integral part of the process.

The fact that Canadian Resume Writing Service is a personalized service we are able to provide excellent, top – quality resume writing to our customers around the globe. Our resumes have a proven track record to get results; just ask our clients! Click here to see what they have to say!

18.   Now I am ready to get started with your resume writing service. Where do I begin?

The process is quite painless and very simple. You can begin by navigating directly to our payment page and order online through a secured server. If you prefer, you can contact us toll-free at (877) 738-8052, or send an email to candoco@telus.net if you have further detailed questions.

We offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation and assessment. We can discuss your current career objectives, how your present resume has been working, and what services you would be appropriate for you.

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Phone support is available Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. MST, voice mail 24/7, email, is checked and responded to 7 days a week.