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What Not to Do with Your Resume

resumeWhen you begin searching for a new job, many will be quick to tell you that one of the most important aspects of landing a job is your resume. They will give you advice on how your resume should be current, captivating, honest, and unique. Although they give you this great advice, people often fail to mention what not to do with your resume.

In our struggling economy, the competition for getting a job is usually fierce. To maximize your chances at getting the job you desire, you have to possess an outstanding resume. Nothing mediocre will work effectively.

Be Unique

Uniqueness is key when it comes to creating an exceptional resume. If you can create a resume that stands out from the rest, it will get you noticed. The first step is to avoid overused phrases. There is an unspoken template of resume lingo that seems to have circulated in the job-seekers circle. These words and phrases have been seen time and time again and have become mundane.

Give Detail

Instead of using a range of general phrases, provide detailed information regarding your skills and accomplishments. Employers need to know in detail what you have to offer their business. To better put this into perspective, place yourself in an employer’s position. Doing so will help you understand what they’re looking for in a candidate. As an employer, they may want an individual who’s an outstanding employee, can lead if the occasion arises, can work on multiple projects simultaneously, and can hand over the reigns and complete tasks on time when needed.

Overused Phrases to Avoid:

1.) “Team Player” Change this into a detailed sentence, for example: “Strong commitment to group projects and the environment, able to lead when necessary and implement effective strategies”. This indicates you can take charge and follow directions.

2.) “Customer contact on a daily basis” A detailed sentence may include: “Interacted with customers daily to promote customer satisfaction and increase customer retention”. Detailing what you’ve done sounds action-oriented and professional.

3.) “Track record of success” Rephrase as: “Surpassed sales goals by 20% annually”. This is communicating clearly to the employer that you have what it takes to surpass expectations.

4.) “Point-of-contact person” Phrase it this way: “Elected by general management to supervise and lead special projects”. Again, the general theme of your resume is to sell yourself as a productive employee, don’t just state what you did at your last job, but state what you did and why.

5.) “Partnered with others” Rephrase as: “Ability to partner with individuals from different departments in order to create and implement new sales techniques and strategies”.

The strength of your resume can either lead to a job interview or a rejection letter. You have to impress a potential employer with your resume, so be sure to keep the information you provide clear and concise. Follow the steps described above and don’t waste your time—or theirs—by adding useless fluff.  Employers want to know the basics. They want to know quickly what you have to offer. They don’t have time to try and read between the lines.

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