Modern Resume Writing Strategies for Career Changers

When transitioning from one career to another, it is necessary to update your current resume. A fresh, revamped, modern resume is the key to landing that coveted interview and a new job offer. It may not be easy to create a resume when you are changing to a completely different industry. Consider these current resume [...]

How to Find Executive Job Leads and Postings

Are you looking for executive job leads or postings? As a top executive, you may not often find yourself in a career transition. Oftentimes, you have remained in a position or with a company for a long time, or you may have been headhunted in the past. When conducting a job search at the executive [...]

Do you use storytelling in the interview? Interviewing is a skill you can learn with practice. By coming into a meeting prepared to answer some of the most challenging interview questions, you can show the hiring panel you have what it takes to excel in the available position. This is your chance to stand out [...]

Sales Resume Writing Tips and Professional Profile Samples

A strong resume begins with a sales pitch: a keyword-rich professional profile. This introductory paragraph is crucial in detailing your hard and soft skills, highlighting years of experience and your commitment to the sales profession. Provide steadfast reasons why the hiring manager should set up an interview and consider hiring you right from the document’s [...]

How to Write an Oilfield Resume – Profile Summary Examples

Are you trying to write an oilfield resume to get a job in the oil and gas sector? I help people like you by providing tips, samples, or a top-notch resume writing service. The petroleum industry has been very volatile over the past several years; therefore, it is essential to maintain an up-to-date resume in [...]

Top Executive Cover Letter Writing and Formatting Tips

A well-written executive cover letter allows you the opportunity to give a more thorough explanation of your resume without reciting it word for word. You want a hiring manager to take a quick look at the overall appearance and want to read more – want to know what you bring to the table. Your job [...]

7 Tips to Prepare an Epic Executive Resume

Are you looking for executive resume writing tips to land an interview? Perfect, read, and implement these modern strategies for designing a top-performing executive marketing document. If you are considering a career change or a move up in your company, preparing an epic executive resume is the first step! Most people start the new year [...]

How to Follow Companies on LinkedIn to Land an Epic Job

Do you follow companies on LinkedIn to get the inside scoop on job leads? If not, you could be losing out on fantastic job opportunities. LinkedIn is one of the social media networking sites that job seekers popularly use to promote and sell themselves to potential employers. With the advent of various online services, the [...]

One of the biggest challenges in writing an oil and gas resume is getting a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention immediately. As a resume writer, I know how important it is to convey relevant information hiring managers are looking for quickly. You need to communicate your related skills in the energy sector for the position [...]

20 Executive Interview Tips to Increase Job Offers

Are you looking for current and top-notch executive interview tips? Look no further! You have landed on the right page. The hiring process for any position can be stressful, especially when venturing into the senior executive-level ranks. Companies are looking to hire assertive, successful, and articulate executive leaders who have a proven ability to lead [...]