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Cover Letter Samples

These cover letter samples were developed by the certified resume writers at Canadian Resume Writing Service. They write for the future. The resumes are results-oriented, accomplishment-based, and loaded with relevant keywords to ensure you have the upper hand over your competition. Many cover letters and resumes are now scanned using ATS, meaning they need to include the right words, this makes resume writing an art and a very important aspect of your job search.

Review this law enforcement cover letter example that communicates Richard’s lengthy and solid law enforcement job history. He was transitioning into a law enforcement management position. A powerfully framed illustration of the candidate’s investigation skills really grabs employers’ attention and ensures an interview. Richard began getting interviews immediately with the cover letter and resume we […]

Review this information technology cover letter example to gather some ideas. William’s cover letter demonstrates his strong ability to bring a project together using the team approach. Collaboration is an important skill and imperative to the completion of IT projects, on time and within budget, and offered immediate proof that he was worth interviewing. TIP: The […]

Sales executive cover letter example: Emily was seeking a senior sales manager job. She had written her own resume and cover letter, but they failed to generate enough of the right kind of interviews. Emily had exceptional, measurable sales management accomplishments and we used her executive cover letter to emphasize her value and passion for […]