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Job Interviewing Tips – Job Interview Questions And Answers

Proactively searching for jobs will increase the odds of landing your dream job or career. Planning in advance is a fundamental aspect of job hunting. It involves organizing and practicing for the interview phase very meticulously.

This portion of our website offers advice on what to expect in an interview, types of interviews, how to conduct yourself in an appropriate and professional manner, interview strategies, and other pertinent information and tips. Do not go to an interview without being prepared first!

Everyone needs interview practice. If this is one of the areas of the job search you would like help, then partner with a professional interview coach. This will make a world of difference in landing a job offer. Contact Candace Davies, President of Canadian Resume Writing Service: candoco@telus.net or call toll-free 1-877-738-8052

Are you looking for current and top-notch executive interview tips? Look no further! You have landed on the right page. The hiring process for any position, especially when you are venturing into the senior executive level ranks, can be a stressful time. Companies are looking to hire assertive, successful, and articulate executive leaders who have […]

communicating your unique selling point in a job interview

Communicating your unique selling point includes uncovering the top relevant talent that makes you desirable and different than the other candidates. Aside from your resume, you will need to sell yourself and your brand in the job interview. Keep in mind you will have multiple unique selling points (USPs). Whether you’re a real estate agent, […]

How to Use Your Resume Content to Ace Your Job Interview

If your resume content and design has landed you a job interview, you are definitely on the right path! Writing impressive targeted accomplishments within the content of your resume using a modern resume design has paid off! Congratulations! Your next big hurdle is the job interview phase. Though this may seem like a frightening endeavor, […]

How to Properly End a Job Interview

how to properly end a job interview

There are several steps to achieving a new job: answering questions with confidence, accuracy and passion, and of course ending the job interview successfully. When you get chosen, this shows that an employer is interested in you and you have some quality or skill they need. They will then require you to come in person […]

job interviews should be an open discussion

If possible, make the job interview an open discussion to increase rapport and build your credibility. An open discussion interview format will allow the conversation to flow easier and the interviewer will learn more about your personality and who you are as a professional. In turn, you will learn more about the company and the […]

phone interview tips to increase job search success

Are you looking for some phone interview tips to increase the chance of securing a second interview, probably an in-person formal meeting? Even though a phone interview may seem easier than a regular interview on the surface, it can be a bit harder. A phone interview can happen when you least expect it, or it […]

12 ways to fail job interviews and not receive a job offer

Did you fail a job interview recently and not receive a job offer? Have you ever gone to an interview and never heard a thing from the organization after it was over? You are not alone. See if you made any of the job interview mistakes listed in this post. Few companies will tell you […]

building chemistry during job interview

Interested in turning job interviews into job offers? Let me share with you some tips on how to build personal chemistry during a job interview. First of all, no two job interviews are the same, so you can’t plan exactly how the interview will go, but it’s important to have a strategy. It is imperative that […]

interviewing techniques 5 mistakes to avoid at the interview

Failing the job interview by using the wrong interviewing techniques happens quite often to job seekers who haven’t taken the time to prepare for the job interview and research the organization. Focusing on what to do or say in a job interview is vital to securing an offer. You worked very hard to get an […]

Sharpen Your Job Interview Skills by Preparing and Practicing

If you prepare for a job interview it will alleviate stress and increase the odds of acing the interview. Having a phone interview or attending an in-person interview can be a nerve-racking experience for most seekers. The best job interview advice for relieving this stress is to maintain a positive attitude and be prepared for any […]