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How To Land A Great Job Quickly

Are you ready to initiate the search for your dream job? This section will inform you of the most effective job search strategies and tricks, and help you decide which way to get started.

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take control of your career direction and find happiness

Years ago, companies seemed to be in charge of employees’ career direction. Not anymore, people manage their career direction by changing careers if needed. Now it’s up to you to take charge of your career path. Take the reins and initiate action to reach your career goals and aspirations. Jobs used to come with some […]

recharge energy with these job search tips

If you’ve been conducting a job search for a while now, chances are you need some job search tips to recharge your energy. Let’s face it: a job search can be a very thankless and grueling activity.  It takes a lot of work to maintain your job hunt: updating and editing your resume and cover […]

change careers from oil and gas to another industry

Many people change careers from oil and gas to another industry with great success. Unfortunately, the oilfield industry has taken a huge tumble, and job losses are increasing. This economic slow-down will, of course, impact the stability of other sectors. The announcement made on October 5th, 2017 that TransCanada cancelled the Energy East pipeline and […]

Want to discover how to make the law of attraction work for you in both your daily and professional life? Are you eager to have new career opportunities, relationships, and momentum come quickly to you? Are you looking to stop struggling and finally get on the path to success? Let’s start first by defining what “attraction” […]

Is Your To-Do List Longer Than Your Day?

Is your to-do list longer than your day? Time management is not about managing time. Time is a constant, and it does not change. The only thing that we have the ability to change is the management of ourselves. So, if it’s the end of the day and you’re only halfway through your to-do list, […]

Professional development is about living a life you love. Life is a long, long road we travel. Why not start where you are standing now and blossom outwards from all sides? Your life and desires should not be linear but should expand from all possible angles. Think of the endless rewards that come from the results! Professional […]

Uncover and solve the biggest problems with job searching to land more job interviews and offers. Today, more job seekers know they need to be organized in their job search and be better prepared when it comes to discussing specific topics related to their field of expertise. The bigger question lies in whether or not the […]

Professional development is about living a life you love and plays a role in how successful your job search will be. Life is a long, long road we travel. Why not start where you are standing now and blossom outwards from all sides? Your life and desires should not be linear, but should expand from […]

How to Submit Employment References

A lot of job seekers struggle with how to submit employment references. Submitting employment references when requested by the hiring authority is the correct procedure.  Do not add references to a resume. References belong on a separate piece of paper that matches your resume. Use the same format and letterhead.  Quite often you will not be asked […]

Prepare a strategy for attending a job fair to get results. Start by researching companies and organizing what you need to bring to the career fair. A career or job fair is a function where several companies from different industries come together to scout for new talent. At such an event, potential employees get the chance […]