Cover Letter Examples

These cover letter examples were developed by the certified resume writers at Canadian Resume Writing Service. We write for the future with resumes are results-oriented, accomplishment-based, and loaded with relevant keywords to ensure you have the upper hand over your competition. Many cover letters and resumes are now scanned using ATS, meaning they need to include the right words, this makes resume writing an art and a very important aspect of your job search.

CEO and Executive Cover Letter

This Executive cover letter was designed for an experienced Executive CEO to open doors to interviews she never thought possible. The job candidate is focused on continuing her senior executive leadership within the finance industry, and already has over 20 years of relevant expertise to boast about. She has a Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA), two Bachelor’s Degrees, and related courses and professional development to showcase.

Purchasing Manager Cover Letter Example

As many great purchasing manager cover letter samples do, this one communicates the job seeker’s best accomplishments and top skills with a call to action. Robert’s cover letter is the perfect companion to his resume. We included two strong bulleted accomplishments, which aren’t mentioned in his resume. Adding a powerful statement from his supervisor in the first bullet does a lot to grab the reader’s attention.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

The success of this administrative assistant cover letter allowed Linda to choose where she wanted to work instead of being limited to very few responses. The beginning cover letter sample paragraph states that she is in career transition—Linda had nothing to hide. We explained that she had achieved a great deal as an accountant, which increased her credibility. All bulleted statements used in the administrative assistant cover letter sample are specifically relevant to an office/administrative position.

Pharmaceutical Sales Manager Cover Letter

This pharmaceutical sales manager cover letter sample maintains a professional tone throughout and gives the reader an eye-opening experience into Susan’s professional and academic highlights. Instantly the reader is made aware of Susan’s competency in the pharmaceutical industry, years of hard work, and relevant education. In addition to a basic list of past and presently held positions, we have included Susan’s proficiencies and expressed her enthusiasm for working in this area.

Sales Executive Cover Letter Example

In this sales manager cover letter Emily was seeking a job as an executive senior sales manager. She had written her own resume and cover letter, but they failed to generate enough of the right kind of interviews. Emily had exceptional, measurable sales management accomplishments and we used her executive cover letter to emphasize her value and passion for the sales industry.

Construction Manager Letter of Introduction

This construction manager letter of introduction sample demonstrates the benefits of a well-designed professional cover letter like Elaine’s to compliment your resume. It guarantees a lasting impression by allowing her personality to shine through. Her cover letter demonstrates her vital ability to create a safe and productive construction work environment, a coveted skill in the construction industry.

Oilfield Consultant Cover Letter Example

John was looking for a position as a rig manager or oilfield consultant. Of all the cover letter examples shown here this one illustrates the clients strong ability to make “smart” decisions, promote safety, and develop a solid team in the oil and gas sector. These traits are a valued requisite in the oil industry. The compelling opening sentence generates the desire to continue reading.

Teacher Assistant Letter of Introduction

This teacher assistant letter of introduction piques the reader’s interest! The opening paragraph includes Louis’ post-secondary education, highlighting his minor in Education; as well as expressing his nine years of dedicated experience as a teaching professional. As the letter progresses, it becomes very evident how versatile Louis is, explaining the work he has done with students, who are afflicted with a number of challenges and function at varying academic and social levels.

Hospitality Manager Cover Letter

This hospitality manager cover letter leads off with Ben’s outstanding diplomas and certifications and highlights his over 15 years of related hands-on expertise. Immediately following, the reader is made aware of the various careers he has held in the hospitality industry, and how they are applicable to the position Ben is applying for. As you know there are many core competencies that are required in the industry.

Letter of Introduction – English Teacher

This letter of introduction for an English teacher, more specifically for this English teaching cover letter grabs the reader’s attention right away. The letter of intent is written to ensure the bachelor’s degree in English really stand out. After expressing these desired features, Sally’s related talents and skills are highlighted, as well as the undying commitment to educating and motivating students. The document ends with a summary of additional strengths and teaching techniques.

Law Enforcement Cover Letter

This law enforcement cover letter sample that communicates Richard’s lengthy and solid law enforcement job history. He was transitioning into a law enforcement management position. A powerfully framed illustration of the candidate’s investigation skills really grabs employers’ attention and ensures an interview.

Information Technology Cover Letter Example

Use this information technology cover letter to gather some ideas. William’s cover letter demonstrates his strong ability to bring a project together using the team approach. Collaboration is an important skill and imperative to the completion of IT projects, on time and within budget, and offered immediate proof that he was worth interviewing.

Teacher’s Aide Cover Letter

In this teacher’s aide cover letter Betty earned an Early Childhood Development Diploma and wanted to become a teaching assistant. She wanted to enter the job market after spending years at home raising her own children. Betty had no formal experience, but the cover letter shows she has “personality plus”! The reader gets a strong feeling of Betty’s character by reading this teacher’s aide cover letter sample, and how it’s a perfect fit for this field.