Executive CEO and President Cover Letter Sample by a Certified Writer

An Executive CEO and President cover letter sample for your review. This example cover letter was designed for an experienced Executive CEO and President to open doors to interviews she never thought possible.

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The job candidate is focused on continuing her senior executive leadership within the finance industry and already has over 20 years of relevant expertise to boast about. She has a Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA), two Bachelor’s Degrees, and related courses and professional development to showcase. The client’s talents and skills are also exceptional and would make her the perfect candidate for an executive-level position she applies for.

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This is how I made her stand above the competition…

The cover letter opens with the current date, address, and point of contact – standard points in any business letter. However, though this may seem standard and unnecessary to point out, many people forget this when crafting their cover letter.

Executive CEO and President Cover Letter Sample Paragraph Synopsis

The letter’s introductory paragraph highlights her desired position right away, ensuring there is no question about why she is writing the letter. After the formalities are out of the way, I wanted to bring her years of executive experience and stupendous educational credentials to the forefront. These are the qualifications a Board of Directors will be looking to check off their list first.

In the next paragraph of the Executive CEO and President cover letter sample, I listed her top positions, demonstrating how her hands-on experience directly relates to the new position she is applying for. The executive recruiter or hiring manager can easily see how she would transition into the executive role and add value to the company.

The next section of the client’s cover letter details the greatest executive CEO strengths she brings to the table. In this case, it is mergers and acquisitions. Not only is her strength mentioned, but it is reinforced by concrete examples as well. She is showing the reader her strengths and expressing how they will help the company in question. A list of impressive career accomplishments immediately follows the job applicant’s strengths. The list is written in a bullet point format for several reasons:

  • To grab and focus the reader’s attention;
  • To highlight the information in an easy-to-read manner;
  • To make impressive achievements pop off the page; and
  • To set the client’s cover letter apart from the competition.

Finally, we come to the concluding paragraph of the executive cover letter. It recaptures a few of the person’s skills, conveys her commitment to the company she is applying with, and showcases her eagerness for a job interview.

The greatest impact of these sections’ culmination is encouraging the reader to move on to the job applicant’s executive resume. After feeling the person’s passion and commitment, as well as reading about her excellent track record, who wouldn’t want to hire her?!

Executive CEO President Cover Letter Sample



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