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5 Tips to Ensure Success in a Job Interview

interviewHere are 5 tips to ensure success in a job interview. Use these tips on your next job interview. These five tips will help your confidence, appearance and overall performance.

1. Ask informed questions 

When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, ask at least one! By doing so, you’ll show enthusiasm and interest. Asking a question doesn’t mean that you haven’t done your research; it conveys that you would like to know more about the position and the company. When you are given a chance to ask your interviewer questions, however, don’t approach them with boring or off-target subjects. Don’t ask questions about routine elements or functions of the company, ask intelligent, well prepared questions. You don’t want to make your interviewer think you’ll waste valuable company time on unimportant matters.

2. Do your homework

The interview is a chance for you to put your best foot forward and impress your potential employer with your skills and knowledge. Don’t waste the opportunity with random chit-chat. Instead, talk about subjects related to industry, the specific company and your past professional experiences. As with any other job that you apply and interview for, it is of utmost importance that you do your homework. Find out as much as you can about the company and position. Check the company’s website to discover their goals, needs, mission statement, and direction. Also, you should re-read the job advertisement and understand what is expected and required of you as a potential candidate; thus giving you good insight as to what you may be asked during the interview, and how you should respond.

3. Bring your portfolio

A great way to display your professional excellence is to bring examples of past work. A portfolio is an incredibly important selling feature for you. Inside your portfolio, you can develop a comprehensive collection of past projects you have spearheaded or worked on, professional development trainings you’ve completed, professional resources you created, material you’ve written, etc. Make sure that you can explain what each item is, its purpose, and how it has positively impacted the companies you worked for. Finally, your portfolio should be well-organized and in excellent condition—this will show that you take pride in your work.

4. Dress for success

It’s crucial that you’re dressed for the position you’re applying for. If applying for upper-level management, your attire must convey leadership, innovation, drive, and motivation. If applying for a middle management position, you want to look professional as well. Even though some companies may have a more relaxed policy when it comes to work attire, you must look professional at your interview.

5. Be pleasant and have a positive attitude

Your interviewer is looking for someone who will take on challenges with aplomb; don’t disappoint them with a nay-saying attitude. Be mindful of your tone of voice. If your interviewer asks you a question you think is common knowledge, don’t answer it with exasperation, answer it with authority. If you have a bad attitude in the interview, the hiring staff will make a connection to how you will act at work. Nobody wants an employee with a bad attitude.

If you have more tips for having a successful interview, please share. I’d love to hear them!

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