5 Phone Interview Tips to Increase Job Search Success

Are you looking for some phone interview tips to increase the chance of securing a second interview, probably an in-person formal meeting? Even though a phone interview may seem more comfortable than a regular discussion on the surface, it can be a bit harder.

A phone interview can happen when you least expect it, or it can be scheduled. Make sure you have your resume and cover letter beside your phone. Project your personality without having the advantage of face-to-face contact. You must rely solely on your voice to make a connection with your interviewer.

Phone Interview Tips to Land a Formal Interview

1.  Eliminate ALL distractions.

Make sure you are in a quiet place away from people, TV, pets, etc. Get a sitter for your dog during your interview to ensure you are not interrupted by barking. Remaining 100% focused on your job interview is critical. Turn off your “call waiting” if you can; you don’t want to get a beep in the middle of your conversation.

Eliminating all distractions is one of the most critical phone interview tips to follow. If you are distracted during the interview, you will lose your concentration and confidence.

2.  Make a Conscious Effort to be Energetic and Smile While Speaking

Allow your voice to share enthusiasm and make you sound warm and friendly. Convey to the interviewer that you are an upbeat and outgoing person.

3.  Provide Unique Relevant Answers to Each Interview Question

Usually, you will ask a set of scripted questions in a phone interview and tailor your response to what the company is seeking from a person in the position. Show how your set of skills and professional experiences will benefit the position available. Researching the company in-depth will help you to find out as much about it as possible.

4.  Make a Personal Connection with the Interviewer

Over the phone, this may seem challenging, but it’s necessary to make a lasting impression. You are trying to market yourself to the company’s hiring representatives. With this in mind, try to talk about how your skill set, unique selling point, past success, and personality will fit into the company’s goals and culture.

Attempt to change the tone of the interview from a question-answer situation to an open discussion interview. During this type of interview meeting, you will discuss the organization’s present conditions and what you can bring to the table to improve things.

5.  Leave the Phone Interview with an Open Invitation to Continue Talking

Express your interest in the position and ask what the next step is in the hiring process. Let the interviewer know you would enjoy continuing the conversation to know more about the position and the company. Also, they can get to know you better and the value you could bring to the position and their company culture.

If you follow these phone interview steps, you will successfully set yourself apart from the other prospective candidates.

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