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How to Follow Companies on LinkedIn to Land an Epic Job

How to Follow Companies on LinkedIn to Land an Epic Job

Do you follow companies on LinkedIn to get the inside scoop on job leads? If not, you could be losing out on amazing job opportunities.


LinkedIn is one of the social media networking sites that is popularly used by job seekers to promote and sell themselves to potential employers. With the advent of various online services, the chance of being employed through online networking is continually growing. But aside from having a LinkedIn profile, it is also important for LinkedIn users to follow companies to better improve their chances of finding employment. If you are not following companies on LinkedIn, maybe it is time for you to decide who to follow.

Follow Companies on LinkedIn Using These Tips & Strategies

Check for Mutual Connections

LinkedIn has a special tool called LinkedIn’s Company Follow that allows job seekers to look for companies and find out if they have mutual connections with the companies they are planning to work at. The connections you have can provide significant help when it comes to recommending your name for a job. And when you start following a company, you will see corporate news feeds, blog posts, and other relevant company updates that will give you important background information on the company to help you determine if you’d be a good fit. This can also assist you with application and interview preparation.

Which Companies to Follow

When deciding which companies to follow on LinkedIn, you must first determine your career objectives, your core values, and your personal preferences. For instance, if you are in marketing or you specialize in promotions and advertising, you would want to follow a company that falls under the category of marketing or commercial advertisements. Following a company that you think aligns with your objectives can enable you to simplify your job search and obtain more productive results.

How to Follow a Company on LinkedIn

Aside from the LinkedIn Company Follow, you can also make use of the Career Tab which is specifically designed for use by both companies and professionals. You can click on the tab if you want to visit other pages dedicated to companies and find out more about what they are offering, the current employment opportunities and requirements they need, and other specific details about the company. This way, you can see connections and have access to hundreds of opportunities. You can also get basic ideas from other individuals who got their job from using professional social media.

Steps to Take: Following a Company on LinkedIn:

• Sign-in to your profile. If you have no profile yet, you must register first before you can access the website.

• Click on the company or companies you wish to follow.

• If you want random company names, you can either search for the company name by keyword or location.

• Once you find the company, click on it and go to the company page.

• Click on the star icon located at the top right of the company page. This will allow you to follow the selected company.


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