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how to find the hidden job market to land career opportunities

How to Find the Hidden Job Market to Land Career Opportunities

When searching for a job, there are a few ways to find one, the hidden job market can uncover a wealth of excellent career opportunities.


So, you can have an employer look for you. Or, you seek out the perfect company with potential job opportunities to suit your career target criteria. A comparison between the advertised job market and the hidden job market.


The advertised job market is frustrating and slow for both you and the employer. For you, it means a lot of competition, particularly for entry-level positions. For the more experienced professionals, executives, and specialized roles, the advertised job market may barely exist. Be proactive and always have an updated resume ready to submit at a moments notice.


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The company’s network is faster, cheaper, and more effective than advertising. This is why finding the hidden job market can be so important to your job search.

Most Jobs Aren’t Advertised

80% of all positions are filled without employer advertising. These positions are filled by, or created for, candidates who come to an employer’s attention through employee recommendations, referrals from trusted associates, recruiters, or direct contact with the candidate. Successful hidden job market candidates are able to connect with the employer’s network.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that the employer knows them. It can mean that the candidate comes pre-recommended by someone the employer trusts. Networking, using your contacts to connect with the employer’s contacts, is the key to the hidden job market.

How to Access the Hidden Job Market

So where is it? The hidden job market is as close as your telephone, email, or next professional association meeting. Your contacts, as well as those you meet through your contacts, can help you learn about positions, projects, and needs that will not formally be announced. Employers are constantly looking for suitable candidates to replace departing, retiring, or inefficient employees.


Calling companies without a referral or connection is known as a cold call. Cold calls may result in an interview—but you’ll have to cope with lots of rejection along the way. Networking through using referrals as an introduction, is less stressful and more productive.

Make Contact with the Employer

The number one way to achieve success within the hidden job market is through contacting potential employers. Once you’ve identified your selling points, focused on a target position, and identified a list of companies that are a good match, you’re ready to make contact with the employer.


Your goals at this step are to learn as much as you can about the employer’s needs, to identify the hiring authority within the company, and get an interview.

The Call-Write-Call Job Search Method

Use the call-write-call method for contacting employers. First, call and verify the name of someone in the company who might be able to hire you. You don’t need to speak to the actual decision maker on this first call. You’re simply calling to find out the information you need in order to write and send your career documents.


Next, send a cover letter and resume to the decision maker. In the letter, be sure to specify your desired position and then state that you will be calling them within 48 hours.


Finally, call again, this time asking for the decision maker by his/her name and title. If anyone asks why you’re calling, you can truthfully say, “they’re expecting my call”. By using this call-write-call method, every time you call a decision maker, it will be a warm call, not a cold call.


Be prepared that when you do get through to someone, they may ask you for your resume or LinkedIn profile URL to review your credentials and background. Take the time to review these 10 ways to improve your resume to increase interviews.


Don’t forget how powerful having a LinkedIn profile can be! This serves as an online resume that should show your uniqueness and personality. Since many, many millions of people and companies use LinkedIn every day, this is a great platform to display your work experience, network with other in your industry, and look for jobs. Plus get found my recruiters or company hiring managers.


Make sure you understand that your social networking site or sites need to be extremely professional; this is critical. A positive online image is necessary, we call this reputation management. If it isn’t, it can easily backfire on you and result in an unsuccessful job search campaign. Employers are using social networking sites as a means to screen potential employees and they will screen you out if they find anything inappropriate.


We have an abundance of different resume writing and career coaching services to help you every step of the way, including LinkedIn profile development.


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