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You will find job search help specific to job titles and industries, such as hospitality jobs, finance jobs, healthcare jobs, oilfield jobs, blue collar jobs, executive jobs.

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How to Write a Resume to Apply for Jobs in Finance

Learning how to write a resume for finance jobs, including positions as a bank manager, accountant, internal auditor, and financial controller, requires learning how to use position-specific keywords to get noticed. Other jobs in finance could be senior finance director, financial controller, or analyst. Aside from locating keywords to include, there are many things to [...]

How to Improve Leadership Skills to Secure a Management Job

If you’re a champion (and you are), you’ll need to know how to improve your leadership skills. Whether you are a shift manager, sales manager, drilling superintendent, or business owner, all of these roles need you to have top leadership skills and use them appropriately. If you are promoted into a leadership role, you will quickly [...]

Move Your Career Forward to Prevent Boredom

To prevent becoming stagnant and bored, it is vital to advance your career when needed. No matter what your professional career is, continuous learning is important to avoid career stagnation. Have a solid career development goal to ensure that your career will go beyond the typical plateau experience in the work environment. Always have to [...]

Continuing Education – Checklist to Get Started

Professional fields and careers are continually changing because of new information and research studies being introduced; therefore, as a professional, continuing education is essential. There are plenty of new studies that can help make you more effective in your profession. To stay on par with the new developments in your field, you must know the [...]

Professional Learning While on the Job is an Important Perk

Professional learning while on the job is an important perk to any job. An essential lesson to remember is: if you have a job that teaches you, you’ll remain engaged and happy to work there. When we start a new job, it’s often challenging because we’re learning all the new position’s ins and outs. This [...]

Writing a personal statement for residency admissions can be a stressful task. If you think back to when you applied for medical school, you’ll probably have mixed feelings. You will recall going through the process of waiting to find out if your application had been successful. If you’re now in the process of applying for [...]

Resume Writing Tips to Apply for Administrative Jobs

A resume needs to be targeted to the position you wish to secure; it includes resume writing for administrative jobs. It’s essential to have an accomplishment-based resume when applying for administrative positions found in diverse companies. When writing your resume, include keywords that are relevant to the position you seek to obtain. There are many [...]

Writing a Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Writing a pharmaceutical sales resume will take research, time, and writing engagingly and concisely. While a manager may receive hundreds or even thousands of pharmaceutical sales resumes, they can eliminate many by using a resume scanning device. Get your resume to the shortlisted candidates by following these pharmaceutical sales resume writing tips. Grab Keywords One [...]

Resume Writing for Hospitality and Catering Jobs

Resume writing for hospitality and catering jobs can be a daunting task. Experience is a major factor when applying for a writing a resume for a hospitality job. Employers like to quickly identify by scanning your resume that you have worked in the industry before knowing and understanding it. Also, it’s best if your resume [...]

Resume Writing for Medical and Healthcare Jobs

Resume writing for medical and healthcare jobs will require research, time, creative writing, and the capability to produce a visually appealing, properly formatted resume. The resume needs to be strong and focused on what value the candidate will offer the facility or organization. Many jobs would focus on education, as well as on abilities directly [...]