Resume Writing Tips to Apply for Administrative Jobs

A resume needs to be targeted to the position you wish to secure; it includes resume writing for administrative jobs. It’s essential to have an accomplishment-based resume when applying for administrative positions found in diverse companies.

When writing your resume, include keywords that are relevant to the position you seek to obtain. There are many administrative positions, including file clerk, receptionist, clerical support, administrative assistant, data entry, billing and collections, accounting, and office manager.

Present Expertise Positively

Administrative resumes that get noticed show the candidate’s capabilities and flexibility and willingness to take on new or additional responsibilities.

When writing your resume, include your areas of expertise, such as client relations, administrative processes, budget administration, records management, research, and analysis.

Many small offices use one administrative person to perform multiple tasks. Those who get along well with others, who can work independently, and have the ability to lead are good candidates for administrative positions.

Employers are also looking for those who have knowledge and expertise in using software programs, such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

List Relevant Experience

Your administrative resume should focus on your many varied skills and your expertise. For example, if you are applying for an office manager’s position, you’ll want to show that you have experience managing an office environment and understand what it takes to keep an office running smoothly.

Often this involves knowing who to call when additional support is needed.  Administrative positions are primarily focused on abilities you’ve learned through previous employment.

Use your life-based skills in an administrative position. If you have been a stay-at-home mother, for example, use the skills needed to run a household as examples of your capabilities.

Highlight Communication Skills

Many administrative positions require you work directly with clients. You’ll need to show that you have the communication skills needed to do the job successfully.

Other roles require you to communicate with clients all day, so emphasis should be placed on examples of using excellent verbal communication skills.

Emphasis should be placed on your technical knowledge, which will be valuable in most office postions. In fact, many small businesses use the office manager to assist in keeping the computers and telephone systems functioning. If you have taken any special computer courses, be sure to list these accomplishments on your resume.

Add a section to your resume outlining your experience with technology programs, apps, software, and computer hardware.

The Administrative Role Has Evolved

Some administrative jobs require only high school education, while others, such as accountants, require specific degrees. The administrative role has changed over the past ten years. More companies have fewer employees, which means many functions are included in each administrative position.

Many firms are wanting to fill administrative positions. Besides looking for a full-time permanent position, you may be interested in part-time or temporary work.

Temp agencies are an excellent source of administrative work. One of the advantages of an interim role is that you can try out a position before committing long term.

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