Resume Writing for Hospitality and Catering Jobs

Resume writing for hospitality and catering jobs can be a daunting task. Experience is a major factor when applying for a writing a resume for a hospitality job.  Employers like to see as soon as they see your resume that you have worked in the industry before so that you know and understand it.

Also, it’s best if your resume shows that you have held a position or stayed at one company for a long period of time.  Since hospitality positions have a high turnover rate, you should show that you can make a long term commitment to an employer.  If you don’t have much experience in the hospitality industry, create a resume that focuses on your abilities and skills, then show how they relate to the job you are seeking. Use examples from other aspects of your life or other jobs to show that you have excellent customer service skills.

Showcase Your Skills

When writing your resume, use examples that demonstrate your ability to work with people and your skills in a fast-paced environment. You may want to showcase your major skills using bullet points. Check the advertisements or job listings and use the same keywords that employer do. Make your resume easy for people to scan. Use a clean-looking font, such as Arial or Georgia, and make the font size large enough for people to read – no less than 12 point. Look your resume over from a distance. There should be a good mix of white space and text. Don’t cram too much information into the resume, it will make the page look cluttered and hard to read.

Types of Careers

There are many types of hospitality careers that may spark your interest.  The hospitality industry offers positions that include guest services, front desk support, food service, and management.  When you are looking for a position in the hospitality field, it is best to tailor your resume to the specific type of job you are seeking. One of the main attributes that managers are looking for when hiring in the hospitality field is the ability to work with people.

The hospitality industry is also about customer service, every hospitality position requires that you get along well with customers and that you have a bright and cheery personality.  This always helps when working with the public. Other attributes that you need include: being able to multi-task, good problem solving skills, and the ability to think and work independently. When creating your hospitality resume, include examples that show you have these attributes.  The hospitality industry is fast-paced and your ability to manage time, be well-organized, and demonstrate flexibility should be showcased on your resume.

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