Is Your Resume Grabbing Attention for the Right Reasons?

Your resume will either grab the reader’s attention or not. Grab a coffee and read these in-depth resume-writing tips.

It’s not enough to capture a person’s attention; you must win the hiring manager’s interest for the right reasons! The first screening of your resume is critical to landing an interview, and this is why many job seekers hire a resume writing service.

During a job search, receiving a phone call for a job interview is music to the ears.

First, we will examine why a resume might attract attention for the wrong reasons:

  • Poor physical layout – visually unappealing
  • Cramped text or not enough space between bullet points and categories (i.e., a lack of white space)
  • Too much white space
  • Using an abundance of different fonts or font styles (i.e., bold, italics, underline) used improperly
  • Use of “I” statements
  • Neglecting to include essential information such as Education, Work Experience
  • Too short or too long
  • It looks like a standard Microsoft Word template
  • Overuse of graphics (problems could arise if scanned), plus take away from the content.
  • No cover letter was submitted to complement and introduce your resume and explain why you are interested in the position.

If you fall into any of the above categories, consider revamping or rewriting your document altogether. You only get one shot at making a first impression, so make sure it’s great!

Do not potentially throw away your only chance of landing a job interview with the company of your dreams.

Resume Writing Tips to Make Your Resume Gets Noticed

  • Choose a layout or format that is appealing to your eye – look at it from a hiring manager’s eye
  • Make sure each line is easy to read
  • Use headers to make different categories or sections stand out (i.e., Education and Credentials, Professional Experience, Professional Development, Technology Integration, Community Involvement)
  • Maintain consistency throughout your entire document regarding spacing and font of choice.
  • Do NOT use “I” anywhere in your resume.
  • Search the internet for a unique resume style that helps draw the reader’s eye to your accomplishments and stand-out qualities.
  • Bullet points for lists always generate and deserve extra attention
  • Create a separate section for your Areas of Expertise
  • Develop an exceptional profile paragraph
  • Ensure your name and contact information are not lost in the shuffle.
  • Refrain from including “fluff” to lengthen your document
  • Do NOT lie on your resume; lies will be uncovered at some point during the interview process or shortly after being hired
  • Target the needs of the potential employer
  • Highlight job accomplishments that will sell you as an employee
  • Solicit feedback from friends, family members, or a professional curriculum vitae writer

This may seem like a long list of things to look for when developing your resume; however, they are necessary to make it to the next stage of the job application process – landing a job interview. The resume writing process can seem very daunting, which is why many job seekers hire a resume writing service.

Once you have mastered determining “right attention grabbers” from “wrong attention grabbers,” the next step is to make your resume stand out from the competition.

Resume Writing Tips on the Physical Format and Content of a Resume

1. Physical Resume Format

a. Use color for your name and headers; do not use bright colors or hues that are hard to read

b. Incorporate a professional-looking border instead of one that uses icons

c. Let white space be your friend; white space can break up sections and give the eye a break from text overload

d. Integrate an icon; if your profession has an image traditionally associated with it, you may wish to insert a small one beside your name

e. It’s not necessary to incorporate all of the above!

2. Resume Writing Tips Regarding Content

a. Integrate professional achievements; these demonstrate concrete proof of your ability to perform optimally in the workplace.

i. Use the C.A.R. acronym (Challenge, Action, Result) to explain your achievements correctly and in context.
ii. What was the Challenge? What Action did you take? What was the Result? Write this statement in a regular, concise sentence format.

b. Explain your duties; this may seem pretty straightforward and obvious, but many people fail to include job responsibilities, particularly if they are unusual.

c. Testimonials and quotes are excellent to add; they provide the reader with proof of your skills and accomplishments.

d. Highlight your relevant Areas of Expertise; these can be written in list format or as a table near the top of your resume. They should include hard skill sets such as Budget Forecasting, Team Building, Customer Service, Marketing, Brand Development, etc.

e. Set aside space for your Professional Development, including workshops, seminars, in-services, or post-secondary courses.

f. Incorporate an area for Professional Affiliations if you have any.

g. Implement Community Involvement initiatives; include the position held, the organization you worked with, and the years of service.

h. Highlight Honors and Awards; list the name of the award, when you received it, and did it acknowledge if the name of the award isn’t self-explanatory.

i. Integrate Technology Integration / Computer Expertise

j. Employment references would go on a separate piece of paper with the same letterhead as the resume.

As I mentioned before, you only get one shot at making a first impression! These steps are necessary for giving you the best chance of capturing the reader’s attention and being put in the ‘to interview’ pile. Before submitting your resume, be honest; what would your value look like to the interviewer with the document you created?  

Review some resume and curriculum vitae samples and cover letter samples.

If you are unsure how your resume, cover letter, or other job application documents are fair, please contact Candace or call toll-free at 1 877 738-8052 for more information on our resume writing service.