Client Testimonials/Successs Statements

The most rewarding part of our service is hearing our client’s success stories. Our customers let us know we have made a positive difference in their lives. Below are a few comments received from Canadian Resume Writing Service’s clients.


“Good Evening Candace, I just wanted to say thank you very very much for the resume and letter, I think it has brought us into the 21st century. I am sure we will be using your services again and rest assured, I will be putting your name out there.

Thanks again. Take good care.”

E. and C. A.

“Absolutely wonderful Candace, all the documents your team has completed are top-notch. I am so happy you were there to help me out.”

Rhonda W

“Thanks for all your help, Candace. And let me just say I am very impressed. I didn’t realize all I’ve accomplished and if I hadn’t known it was me, I would have said–Wow, this person really knows her counseling stuff!”

Barb D

“All your services are wonderful. The resume and letter you developed got me the interview and your coaching helped me secure the job. I know this would not have been possible without you. I am such a shy person, but you help me overcome that during the interview and by helping me acknowledge my strengths on the resume.”

Mathew P

“I love the work you have completed for me; never did I think I could look this great on paper. You provide such as great service Candace. I really do appreciate everything.”

Patricia H

“WOW, this has shocked me. When I opened the files I was taken back by the wonderful documents. They look and sound so professional. At first, I was getting a resume writer to save time, but now I know why people hire them to make them sound like they should. I am so impressed Candace. There is nothing I would have changed about working with you.”

Peter W

“Candace, I did get the interview!!!! Thanks to you. The resume and letter convinced them to interview me and then after spending time with you practicing my interview skills, I impressed them in the interview. you know, I really wasn’t nervous… probably because I was prepared. A billion thanks.”

Stewart L

“AWESOME Candace, you provide a wonderful service. Thanks so much for everything.”

Tony B, Texas, VP Operations

“WOW, I didn’t know I was so wonderful and important, I really did all these things, didn’t I? I have read the proof over about ten times and I see perfection.”

Susan, Calgary, AB, Controller

“You know Candace, I must say, I never thought a resume could look this good – especially mine.”

Brett, Washington, Multi-Media Project Manager

“I am so glad I found you on the Internet, the service you provide me with is second to none. You are so easy to talk to … Your results and turnaround time are top-notch. Thanks for everything,”

Albert S, New York, Chief Executive Officer

Credit Manager. “I distributed my resumes and covering letter to 8 companies, and 7 called for an interview. I owe this all to you.”

Welder. “Candace, I would refer you to anyone. You truly care about your client’s success. When I shared my past with you it seems like I have known you for a long time.”

Homemaker to Teacher’s Aide. “I have wanted to be a Teacher’s Aide for 7 years and finally with the resume, cover letter and interview coaching my dream has come true.”

Nurse. “I simply wanted to thank you for an excellent resume and cover letter. I could never write anything close to this about myself.”

Homemaker to Career Transition. “Now I know why you call yourself a professional resume writer. This is a piece of art.”

Electrician. “I find your services a very good value and will recommend you to anyone who seeks job search documents and interview assistance.”

Sales Executive. “I had no idea how to write a resume or cover letter. After hiring Candace, I had a resume that not only landed me a half dozen interviews but led to the job I really want.”

Waitress. “Candace, I just wanted to phone and say thanks. I received an office position and the hours are Monday to Friday, making $4.00 more per hour. This beats the waitress position I have by a long shot. Once again my family thanks you.”

Sales Manager. “Once again, I sincerely thank you for your assistance, and please accept my praise for your professionalism, skill and exceptional people skills. In the short-time we have known each other you make me feel comfortable and have given me the self-confidence I was lacking.”

Teacher. “Without your professional coaching, I would have been stumbling in the interview. Instead, I felt confident and I was offered the job. Candace, you are truly a people person.”

“Thank you so much. The resume and cover letter are absolutely perfect. Once again and I will be sure to send anyone I know who needs a resume your way.”

R. L.

“I just want to thank you again for the coaching session from Saturday. I felt so confident in my interview today. Everything that we went over was asked. There were no questions that threw me off at all. I memorized all of my answers and delivered them really well. I will let you know when I hear back, but thank you again!!!! I only wish that I had found you much earlier!!”

J. C.

“I can’t get over the excellent job you did on my resume and cover letter Candace, they are beyond what I thought you could create. After dropping four resumes and cover letters off to potential companies, three have already contacted me. I have never had that kind of success using my own resume and cover letter — well I never got interviews with my writing. I now need to sign up for your interview preparation coaching service. A billion thanks.”

Y. K.

“Just can’t thank you enough Candace for the job search success I have experienced. I did get the job I really wanted with your help on creating my documents and the interview preparation. I had so much more confidence and was truly proud of what I have accomplished in the past, and it showed in the interview. I will refer anyone I know to your site.

Keep helping others Candace… it is truly your calling and your passion, and that shows in your excellent customer service skills.”

P. L.

“You prepared my resume last week. I submitted my resume for selected jobs and got a very good response for employers. I have gone through seven interviews and got three offers from different companies. Finally, I have expected an offer from XXXXXX company as a XXXXXX Specialist. I got my expected compensation. 🙂

Recruiters and company human resource staff have praised my resume and cover letter. I want to thank you for your great work. It was a wise decision to involve you to help me out write my resume.

I appreciate your help and time.

You have a wonderful day.”

A. S.

“Many thanks! I think we are ready to launch:-)! I will be back in touch to discuss the job search portion. I am making a list of organizations/companies to target. Again, thank you, Candace, for your very professional work and extreme courtesy. You have remained patient as I have requested revision upon revision and as I relayed to you yesterday, my resume came out on top when placed against a field of other professional resumes!”

J. W.

“I want to say “thank you very very much” for all your help! In yesterday’s interview, 80% of the questions were practiced with you! I really felt confident and calm during the interview.

Although I do not know whether they will give me the offer, I think it is the best I can do. The interview had two parts: the behavior question and human resource questions. 60% the behavior questions have been discussed in our talks, such as cooperative, criticism and difficulties. Over 80% of the human resource questions have been predicted, such as what is your dream boss and company and why.

Candace, I really appreciate your help!”

Z. K.

“Thank you very much for your wonderful resume. I think its worth every penny! It’s my first resume after a very long time. Wish me luck. Thank you again and have a nice day.

Kind regards”

M. L.

“I want to thank you very much for re-creating my resume and to presenting me in such a polished manner.

I really appreciate and value your act of kindness…I never forget anyone who has taken time out of their life to help me, especially in the season I’m in…Please note, that I will never forget your help and will make a mental note to send you customers. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help spread the word about your occupation or other unknown business you maybe apart of.

Thank you so much!”

G. B.

“You did a fantastic job, I never thought I would look this great on paper. I will refer you to anyone I know that could use your expertise.

Again, thanks a lot.”

S. H.

“I’m not sure whether it’s you or your staff who generates the resumes but I must say you did an outstanding job. I wasn’t so sure I needed someone to reform my resume but after looking over your masterpiece it was clear that I did. Thanks a lot.—worth every penny.


D. O.

“Hello Candace, Thank you so much for your help. The interview went REALLY well. I will know the result in a couple of weeks. Thanks for helping me in such a timely manner. It is worth every penny! You are so professional and friendly. At the end of the conversation, you pointed out what’s my weakest point. It really helped!!! I know myself better and have become much more confident than I was before I talked with you. I made the right decision in asking for professional help. Many many thanks!


H. Z.

“WOW!!! That pretty much sums it up.

Candace, I am very pleased. I really am impressed with how my resume and cover letter have been put together. It is amazing how you have taken my words and thoughts and designed beautiful, professional documents that convey exactly what I wanted to express. It is easy to see why you are an expert in your field. Thanks again!”

D. F.

“This was better than I ever imagined!!! It’s absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!! You did a terrific job!”

J. C.

And the list goes on………