Writing an Excellent Cover Letter Will Make a Great First Impression

The rules for writing an excellent cover letter are universal, but showing your personality is critical. Your cover letter will be your first impression of the hiring committee and will introduce your resume.

Make a positive and memorable first impression by writing an excellent cover letter to show the value you bring to their organization.

Visual Appeal

The first thing someone will notice about your cover letter before they even read the content is the visual appeal. Your cover letter should be typed rather than hand-written—ensure the font size and style is appropriate.

This may seem like stating the obvious, but it is possible to get a little carried away to make your letter stand out. Print the cover letter off on resume bond paper that matches your resume. Make sure you have a matching envelope—attention to detail is important.

Content is Paramount in an Application Letter

The content of your cover letter is significant. You only have a few paragraphs to let your personality shine through and bring attention to your most pertinent qualities and accomplishments; therefore, keep the content relevant and concise.L

List the points you want to include in your cover letter, and then work out the most logical sequence to introduce them. Don’t be tempted to include a personal sketch or mention something that isn’t important to them; you need to be concise and keep it relevant. It can be helpful to look at things from the perspective of the reader and ask yourself, “If I was hiring an individual for this position, what would I be looking for in a candidate?”

Your resume and application form will contain your work history and qualifications, the cover letter is a chance to let the selection committee find out more about you as a person and the passion for the type of work you have applied for.

Tips for Writing an Excellent Cover Letter

Why do you want to work for the organization?

What makes them interesting or unique? If you can show that you’ve gone to the trouble of finding out specific details about their mission, customer relationship values, products, and key personnel, this will make a good impression.

What value can you contribute to this potential employer?

What value will you bring to the organization? If you’re outlining what you believe to be the things that make you an excellent fit for their company culture, explain why. What skills and attributes do you have to make a difference to the company’s short and long-term goals?

In what ways are you an innovative job applicant?

With so many people applying for positions, companies can afford to be choosy and pick those that can prove the benefit of hiring them. You meet the minimum qualifications, but what makes you special? What is your unique selling point? Try to give concrete examples of innovative initiatives that you’ve been involved in and the results.

What tips have helped you write an outstanding cover letter that gets the attention of recruiters and decision-makers? Comment and share below!

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