Professional Resume Samples

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The resume examples listed below demonstrate our versatility, expertise, and ability to translate your value into words employers search for. We highlight the skills our clients enjoy using, rather than the abilities they’ve been forced to apply. These fictionalized resume samples were for job seekers targeting entry-level to executive positions in various occupations and industries. 

A well-written resume and cover letter should position you to get a job interview you’re passionate about instead of work you simply endure. We invite you to use these examples to make an informed decision about your resume content or our resume writing abilities. We caution against copying and adjusting them for your own use because it won’t represent your unique value.

Many resumes and CV curriculum vitae are scanned using ATS (applicant tracking systems). This means your job search documents will need to include the correct focused keywords to pass the screening process. The writing of accomplishments and showcasing the relevant skills in a resume is what makes resume writing an art.

Our clients enjoy our personalized service and exceptional documents. Check out our curriculum vitae (CV) and resume samples below and you decide, we think they speak for themselves.

We have specialized in writing resumes and cover letters for 16+ years, offering a variety of individual services and packages to match your needs. Either way, we wish you the best with your job hunt.

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CEO Executive Resume Sample

This Executive CEO resume was developed for a C-Level CEO/President job applicant. As you can tell, this executive has a wealth of experience – over 20 years in fact! I wanted to showcase her outstanding expertise, talents, skills, and relevant education. I chose an easy-to-read format that would bring focus to her exceptional leadership qualifications.

Sales Executive Resume Loaded With Accomplishments

Emily was seeking a senior executive sales and marketing position. She had written her resume, but the resume format she chose failed to generate enough of the right kind of interviews. We worked with her to develop a targeted resume profile and listed relevant core competencies. This sales manager resume example contains action words and keywords that potential employers were looking for, and uncovered the many executive accomplishments she had overlooked.

Information Technology Resume – Network & Technical Expertise

This information technology resume will give you some excellent ideas of what to include and what to leave out of yours. As you know, there’s considerable competition in the IT job market today. William’s resume showcases his technical skills, which are critical in this profession. His IT resume highlights his value by proving he can solve an employer’s problems.

Purchasing Manager Resume Example

As with any great purchasing manager resume examples, this one shows that Robert is at a procurement executive management level with a strong purchasing background and solid accomplishments and strengths. We loaded this purchasing manager resume example with strategic industry keywords to ensure that if the resume is scanned, online job opportunities would not be missed. The job search candidate’s new resume is written in a way that announces his true and unique value to potential employers.

Construction Project Manager Resume

This is an example of a construction manager resume that demonstrates how important industry and positions keywords are to include in the top 1/3 of the resume. Elaine was originally looking for a position in construction project management, and with the resume she created, she did not get any construction manager job interviews.

Pharmaceutical Sales Manager Resume

This pharmaceutical sales manager resume will catch your eye almost immediately. We have used an attractive border, shading, and a professional format to tailor Susan’s resume for the position of Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. Right away the reader will be drawn to a comprehensive resume profile and a list of relevant areas of expertise. Since Susan wasn’t an entry-level job applicant, we chose to display her work experience before education and professional development courses.

Oilfield Consultant Resume Sample

This oilfield consultant resume communicates John’s strong team-building skills and knowledge of safety awareness. These are a couple of key skills to emphasize in a resume for any oil and gas position. By focusing on John’s outstanding accomplishments and skills in these areas—all of which are relevant to his job objective—he gained a competitive edge in the job search market.

Teaching Assistant Resume Example

This teaching assistant resume was developed to showcase the years of hands-on experience that Andre has as a Teacher Aide, as well as his relevant capabilities. Instantly the reader is drawn to the highlighted portion at the top, which reveals his dedication to helping students and demonstrates his talent for providing students with individualized support.

Administrative Assistant Resume

Review this administrative assistant resume. Linda had a strong background in accounting. However, she wanted a variety in her career and desired a position that involved using various administration skills. Many accounting skills are transferable and important to the administration field, so a chronological format was used in this administrative assistant resume sample.

Teacher’s Aide Resume Example

Check out this teacher’s Aide resume, which was put into a functional resume format. She is a mom who had completed her diploma in Early Childhood Development but had only part-time, non-relevant paid jobs. She had, however, completed her student teaching practicum, so we used that experience to the fullest.

Restaurant Hospitality Manager Resume

This hospitality manager resume example will show you that colors, font, and format make a difference – they grab the reader’s eye. A visually-appealing resume helped this candidate stand out from the rest of the job applicants.

Law Enforcement Professional Resume

Read this law enforcement professional resume. Richard had a lengthy and solid law enforcement job history. He was moving into a management position within law enforcement and needed the expertise of the Canadian Resume Writing Service to make the transition a smooth one. As you can see, this fictionalized resume is rich with strategic keywords, eye-catching accomplishments, and relevant skills to showcase he would be a valuable addition to the team.

English Teacher Resume

This English teacher resume  shows the educator’s ability to effectively develop students’ critical thinking skills in a risk-free, safe learning environment. As you can see, this English teacher resume sample is not a dreary work record, but a powerful, focused marketing document that showcases the value the students and the whole school community will benefit from.