5 Tips to a Successful Interview in Canada

If you are about to embark on an interview in Canada, you will no doubt understand how important it is to fully prepare. By preparing for your interview, you can help combat your nerves, build your confidence, and improve your overall interview performance.

Tips to Ensure Interview Success in Canada

Ask Informed Questions

When you are given a chance to ask your interviewer questions, don’t come at him/her with boring or off-target subjects. Don’t ask questions about routine elements or functions of the company, but do ask intelligent, well-prepared questions.

You don’t want to make your interviewer think you will waste valuable company time on unimportant matters. This is also not the time to ask about salary expectations, vacation time, and other matters of this nature. These things you can discuss when you are offered the position. Use this time to ask important questions about the position and the company – but ensure they are questions that have not already been covered in the interview or can be found on the company website.

Do Your Homework

The interview is a chance for you to put your best foot forward and to impress your potential employer with your skills and knowledge. Don’t waste the opportunity with random chit-chat. Instead, talk about subjects related to the company, the field and how your professional experiences can help the company improve in the area you are applying. You are trying to sell yourself to the company, and a huge part of this is showing the company how your skills and talents can help them in their business.

Bring Your Career Portfolio

A great way to show proof of your professional excellence is to bring examples of past successes. A portfolio is an incredibly important selling feature for you. You can include your academic credentials, a copy of your resume and cover letter, a professional biography, professional licenses, and examples of past work and projects that were highly successful in your past positions.

Make sure to organize it and have it in excellent condition – this will show that you take pride in and take good care of your own work.

Dress for Success

As this is your first impression and most probably the first time you will be meeting your potential future employer, what you wear says a lot about how seriously you take the opportunity and the company. Shine your shoes, dry clean your suit, dress modestly, and look professional.

Be Pleasant and Have a Positive Attitude

Your interviewer is looking for someone who will take on challenges with aplomb; don’t disappoint them with a nay-saying attitude. Watch your tone of voice as well. If your interviewer asks you a question which you think is common knowledge don’t answer it with exasperation, answer it with authority. If you have a bad attitude in the interview, the hiring staff will make a connection to how you will act in the office. Nobody wants an employee with a bad attitude.

If you follow these five steps, then you will be on your way to conducting an effective and impressive interview.

If you have more tips for having a successful interview in Canada, please share. I’d love to hear them!