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Attitude Can Be the Key to Success In a Job Interview

interviewDid you know that your attitude can be the key to success in a job interview? Receiving a job offer depends on many factors: how well your skills and talents fit, how well you communicate your value proposition, other qualified candidates, and sometimes the unpredictability of the hiring managers.

Keep a Positive Attitude

But one key component for interview success you may not have considered much is your attitude. By this, I mean what you’re thinking about as you prepare for, go through and reflect on a job interview. Many people underestimate the importance of keeping a positive attitude during the interview process. The degree to which you think optimistically and maintain a poised mental attitude will directly affect the outcome you are hoping for—a solid job offer.

What do you think about as you prepare for a job interview? I’m not talking about the thinking that is involved in researching the organization and the position, coming up with your key messages about yourself and your value proposition, or the thinking it takes practicing the toughest interview questions. I’m talking, more specifically, about your attitude.

Be Curious, Confident, and Open

Do you view the interview as a “sink or swim”, “do or die” proposition? Are you telling yourself how this one probably won’t work out? Are you worried that you won’t communicate what the interviewers want to hear? All of these kinds of thoughts raise your anxiety level and work against you. Going into an interview, be confident, curious and open.

In order to keep your thoughts in check, pay attention to where your mind wanders. If your mind wanders to negative thoughts, proactively stop it. Distract yourself with other thoughts or simply tell yourself “no. I’m prepared. I deserve this opportunity. And if it doesn’t work out, there’s always tomorrow”. Don’t allow yourself to sabotage your chances before you get into the interview room. Keep a positive attitude!

Don’t allow yourself a defeatist attitude, if you do, your interviewers will sense your negativity and it will impact the outcome. Someone that doubts themselves and their abilities will sabotage their interview by not seeming confident, enthusiastic, or even competent. If you think you will do poorly on your interview, then you probably will. These negative thoughts have a way of proving themselves right if you let them. So don’t! Go into the interview room with a positive attitude and you’ll perform better on that interview.

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