Ten Tips for a Successful Job Interview

During the job interview, the interviewers will judge you on your responses to the interview questions and how your answers compare to the responses received from the other job candidates.

If you have the exact skills and knowledge the company is seeking, it will mean nothing if you do not know how to conduct yourself in an interview.

Follow these ten tips for a successful job interview to help you get through the interview to land a job offer.

1.)    Be on Time:

Nothing is worse than arriving late for a job interview.  You haven’t even started the job, and you are getting there late!  This shows that you are not a serious candidate, disrespectful of other peoples’ time, and disorganized. In fact, it is wise to be at least 15 minutes early. This shows that you are punctual and enthusiastic, plus it gives you a few minutes to gather your thoughts.

2.)    Demonstrate Confident and Friendly Manners: 

Listen to this advice. A strong handshake gives the impression of a strong personality.  Walk in confidently and confidently extend your hand. Seal the deal with a firm handshake and introduction.  Whether you are feeling confident on the inside or not, tell yourself you are confident, and you will be.

3.)    Research the Company:

Almost all companies now have websites, so there is no excuse for going into your interview unprepared.  When you show up asking informed questions, you look smarter and more prepared. These are two pluses any employer will take into consideration.

4.)    Focus Your Conversation:

Direct your conversation and questions to the job at hand and the company.  Do not bring up salary too early in the conversation.  You can negotiate your salary and benefits when you have been offered the actual job.  If you are asked about what you want in terms of salary, give a price range to have room to negotiate later if hired. Do some research on what jobs in your area are paying in the city before going to the interview.

5.)    Maintain Your Composure:

Maintain your composure even if you are feeling pressured.  You mustn’t let your nerves show in terms of your body language or speech.  Going into the interview prepared and asking meaningful questions will help you maintain your composure.  Remember that you really are prepared to take on this new phase in your life.

6.)    Let Them Know You Are Qualified:

Bring in your previous experiences and point out how they will help you carry out this new job.  You need to give a voice to your resume during the interview.  Pinpoint areas of expertise that will contribute to your success.

7.)    Don’t Talk Negatively About Past Experiences:

Talking negatively about former employers, companies, or colleagues is just not acceptable.  It is just bad taste and will cost you your interview.

8.)    Radiate Confidence:

Show you are confident through your body language and conversation.  Sit up confidently in your chair.  Listen intently to your interviewer and nod in understanding.  Please do not fiddle with anything or play with your hair; it is unprofessional and distracting. It is also an indication of nervousness, and no company wants to hire someone who seems to be nervous all the time.

9.)    Dress Appropriately:

Business casual is acceptable in most companies unless you apply for a senior management position or the company has a specific dress code. Even if the company seems casual, dress a little more formally. Ensure you are groomed and your clothes are clean. People judge others on appearance; place this preparation at the top of your priority list.

10.)    Ask for the Job:

An interview is your opportunity to let a potential employer know that you want this job. If you have learned more about the company by the end of the interview and are even more intrigued, let them know it. This will show them you are truly interested in the position.

What interview tips have you used? Comment and share below! If you need help preparing or landing a job interview, reach out to Candace for help!