Tips for Answering Different Types of Interview Questions

Tips for Answering Different Types of Interview Questions

Opening Questions

Opening questions are meant to give the interviewer some general information about you and your background. These questions tend to be open-ended “tell me about yourself” type questions. For these questions, the interviewer is asking you to tell them about yourself as a person, not merely about your job skills.

Take your cues from the interviewer as to how formal or informal you should be when answering these questions. Try to provide information that may indicate something you have in common with the interviewer, as this could establish a rapport and set the tone for the rest of the interview. You can also describe a few personal items, such as hobbies or interests. This would also be the place to mention work-related factors such as previous work experience, training, and education.

Mentioning these topics will help to create a friendly atmosphere and put you and the interviewer at ease with each other, making the rest of the interview go smoothly.

How to Answer Interview Questions Related to Company Research

An important section of your interview will consist of questions related to the company. The hiring committee is trying to find out whether you’ve done your homework. They also want to find out if you’d make a good fit in their environment. So, in preparation for the interview, it’s important that you do some research on the company, its products/services, and what makes it unique.

A very typical question that an interviewer may ask you would be: “why do you want to work here?” They will ask you this question to specifically find out what research you’ve done into the company and the position. Knowledge about the company and the job shows the interviewer that you’re interested, and demonstrates initiative. When answering, you should mention as many positive features as you can about the company, trying to be as specific as possible. Try to tie your answer to why you’d make a good fit.

How to Answer the Closing Section of an Interview

Typical questions that an interviewer will ask you near the end of the interview are to ask for references and if you have any questions for them. Even though this part of the interview may seem straightforward, there’s still a best way to navigate through this.


First, when asked to supply your references, make sure that you come prepared to the interview with your references typed up neatly on a separate sheet of paper. List the name, position, location, and telephone number of each reference. It’s normally best to have between 3–5, and they can be a mixture of personal and professional references.

Questions for the Interviewer

When the interviewer asks you whether you have any questions, ask at least two or three, as it shows your interest in the position. However, the interview is not the time or place to ask about salary, benefits, hours, or vacation. Although this information may be critical for you in making your decision, you should wait until you have been offered the job before you ask about them.

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