Why Sending a Thank-You Letter Is Important

Do you know why sending a thank-you letter is important? A generic thank-you letter after an interview may be boring if written without personality.

If you’re in a competitive list of candidates, each one is trying to get the position, so skipping this important step can ruin your chances of securing the position. When you write a thank-you letter after your interview, you need to make sure that it’s effective.

Why a Thank-You Letter is Important

Writing a thank you letter can make all the difference in your ability to impress an employer. The key is to create a wise, tactful and impressive letter. There are a few powerful concepts you can use to construct a letter that matches the requirements of the job and your qualifications. Your resume and thank-you note will act as bookends for the interview process.

While the content of your resume and your interview will sell you as an excellent fit for the position, you shouldn’t stop there. Take the winning streak further and build on it by creating a thank-you note that will convert your application to a job offer.

What a Good Thank-You Note Should Include:

• Express your appreciation for the time the interviewer gave you.

• Remind the interviewer about what you can specifically do for the company and not what they can do for you.

• Include information about your experience with handling the concerns discussed in the interview.

• Add information about questions that you hadn’t handled well in the interview to tie up loose ends.

• Reaffirm your interest in the position for which you applied.

If your letter contains all of the above information, then you will have written an effective thank-you letter that should help you to secure the position.

Additional Tips for Writing a Successful Thank-you Letter

• The content of your thank-you note is not the only important thing that you should concentrate on when preparing a letter. Also focus on layout, style, readability, and visual appeal.

• If you’ve applied for a very important position, a typed industry letter can be memorable and impressive. Send the letter by mail or overnight service.

• The letter should be brief. Try to keep it to a single page.

• Thank-you notes can also be sent through email, especially if the company has requested electronic communications. Ensure that you use professionalism and the same care for the email letter as you would use otherwise.

• Send the letter within 24 hours of the interview for best results.

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