Develop a Job Search Plan to Secure a New Position Quickly

Develop a job search plan to map out your job hunting strategy efficiently. Use Monster, Indeed, or other reputable job search engines. This will help you find available jobs, descriptions, industry keywords, etc. Maybe you are interested in researching government career opportunities —as a reminder, make a note in your career advancement journal, such as “job search government”. Searching this way will ensure you visit the job search websites that specialize in that sector.

Know What You Want To Do

Even if you are conducting your job search part time, you still need to have a clear vision of the result to ensure you achieve what’s important to you. You want a career that you enjoy, so knowing what you want to do along with having the relevant skills and qualifications. Once you’ve narrowed down potential jobs, you will be able to fine-tune your plan to ensure a successful job search.

The Importance of the Resume and Cover Letter

This is when you need to create an accomplishment-based, keyword-rich, and expertise-focused profile resume along with a cover letter that reflects your passion and personality.  Set daily and weekly objectives, so you have a concrete way to evaluate your progress, and determine the amount of time you will spend on each job search activity like research, targeting jobs, and making contacts.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Having job search objectives will hold you accountable for your actions and help move your career forward. Chances are you will make it happen if it’s written on paper. You should aim to organize your job searching days just like you would an ordinary work day.

Allocate Time Efficiency

Next, you should determine the amount of time you are willing to allocate to identifying target companies, researching job openings, making contacts, and follow-ups. Remaining organized should ensure you find time for every aspect to land a new position quickly.

Consider Having Support

Having a support group while undertaking your job search may be critical to success, this depends on your personality and situation. You may need both financial and moral support to help you through your job seeking process. If you don’t have sufficient funds, you may want to consider part-time work.

Alternative Options

If you have a flexible schedule with your current position, you will be able to attend job interviews during the weekday.  Jobs through a temporary employment agency are another option, as you may need to take an interim job until the position you want becomes available. This type of work also allows you to broaden your qualifications and develop contacts in your areas of interest.

It is important to have moral support during your job hunt as “no” will often be heard much more than ”yes,” meaning that you will need people around you to boost your confidence. Besides friends and family, another great potential source of moral support can come from old professional colleagues, friends in your field, and new contacts that you make each week. Keeping in touch with these people will also help you to network and find employment.

Structure Your Search

Lastly, organize your job search days just as you would a regular work day. Keep it professional and organized and you will notice that you accomplish more. Schedule at least one job search-related activity away from home each day to get you out into your community and energized. And don’t forget to record all of your appointments, activities, and results.

Organizing and structuring your job search will make it much easier, more pleasurable, and will give you a greater sense of accomplishment. By setting daily goals, you’ll reduce the chances of becoming discouraged.

Finding a rewarding job is a process, so by creating and following the necessary steps to complete the process, you’ll find yourself in a new job in no time.

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