Do Not Procrastinate with Your Job Search

Do not procrastinate with your job search. Recent studies show that less than 39% of people are satisfied with their jobs.  From long hours to unrealistic demands, there are a multitude of reasons why someone might find their job unpleasant.  Developing a desire to switch from one profession to another is far from atypical, but determining how best to make the transition can present a challenge.

Many people put off looking for another job and hope that, with time, they will become more content with their job; however, this rarely happens. Usually the discontent just continues to escalate and employees, who are unable to cope, eventually leave their jobs.  To be optimally successful, you should avoid procrastination when considering job changes. Simply take the initiative to make your move.

There are no guarantees that selecting a different job will make you happier, but if you are truly unhappy with one job, what is the real danger in changing?  In many cases, making a move can be the best choice.  When considering transitioning from one job to another, you should not face the situation with trepidation; instead you should take the initiative and make the transition a success.

To help increase the likelihood that your transition from one job to the other will be successful, you should consider the following:

• Think about the Money You Presently Make:

Consider your current salary.  Would your move to the job you are considering reduce your salary?  If so, is that a reduction you are willing to take?  Before you seriously consider moving from one job to another, you should make sure that you are willing to make the financial sacrifices that may be associated with the move. If you are willing to take a reduction, will it be enough for you to live on?

• Look before You Leap:

Do some extensive research on the job that you are considering and make sure that you are thoroughly satisfied with everything that it entails. Make sure it is something you have the skills to do.  If there are elements of the job that you are not going to be satisfied with, you may ultimately find the job no more desirable than your current one.

• Create a Plan:

Everything works better if you take some time to plan.  Consider what you will need to do to move into the industry that you are interested in.  Create a workable plan that will help you achieve your goal.  If, for example, you need some training, be sure that you make arrangements for the requisite training before you quit your current job. Remember that moving from one job to the other is rarely easy.  If you expect a hassle free transition, you will surely be disappointed. Look at the change from all angles to make sure it is what you want to do.

• Consider Your Finances:

When you consider moving from one job to the other, you need to think realistically about your finances. Nearly everyone depends on their current occupation to provide income to sustain their current way of life.  If you want to make a transition from one job to another, you need to take into account the financial hardship that may be involved. Ideally you should have enough money in savings to live comfortably for six months before you make a transition.  Remember, when you change careers, there is almost always a transition period during which your take home salary is drastically impacted.  Make sure you can handle this.

• Be Prepared:

While it is vital to take your time when considering the elements that may be involved in transferring from one job to another, you shouldn’t let this dissuade you from making a move that will ultimately make you happy.  If you are truly unhappy in your job, you should seriously consider changing professions.  After all, you will spend an average of 97,264 hours of your life working.  Do you really want to be unhappy during all that time?  Be sure that you are prepared, so that your transition is as easy and as positive as possible.

What other job search tips can you offer fellow seekers? Comment and share below! If you need additional assistance, reach out to Candace to learn more!