How to Revive Your Canadian Job Search

If you’ve been conducting your Canadian job search for quite a while now and haven’t had any luck, perhaps it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy and learn how to revive your job search.

Have you tried every strategy you can think of and still haven’t found a job?

If this sounds like you, I can understand your frustration that you are undoubtedly feeling. At this point, your best bet is to analyze your marketing scheme and do some tweaking to help revive your job hunt.

It’s similar to any other marketing campaign when marketing or selling yourself to employers. So, if the market is not reacting positively, meaning not securing job interviews, it’s time to change your marketing campaign.

Ways to Upscale Your Job Search

1. Establish Your Target Market

Although you may feel that it is better to sell yourself as someone who can do it all, this approach can actually end up getting you fewer opportunities. If you don’t know what type of job you wish to secure, your resume and job search will lack focus. Market yourself as an expert.

Clearly define your target market – the area where you have both experience and skills. You are best equipped for a certain area, so find out what that is by determining your interests and your type of experience and how the two fit together. It will focus on your job search, make you seem more employable to employers, and give you direction.

2. Market Yourself

It is paramount that you get in touch with your inner “used car salesman.” The point of your job search is to sell yourself to potential employers effectively. To help you, why not pick up some sales books that will tell you how to create a successful sales pitch and handle objections. Cle to clearly state what you want, what you can do for a company, and how a company can benefit from hiring you.

3. Organize Your Time

Objectively analyze how you are spending your job search time. Ensure you’re spending time the best way possible. Many people spend lots of time on their Canadian job search, but the time is not spent on productive or relevant activities.

The fact they are busy will make them believe they are productive with their job search, but the fact they are getting nowhere will quickly frustrate them.

Many job seekers will spend most of their time looking for and responding to job ads electronically and in the paper. This is only one way to find jobs, and it is the most crowded with competition. It is vital to your Canadian job search that you utilize the vast and hidden job market.

Although this can be more intimidating and more difficult, the payoff should be more than worth it. Most jobs are filled without advertising, so you need to tap into that potential.

4. Seek Canadian Job Search Assistance

If you’ve been job hunting for months and nothing is working, you may need help from an objective third party. Consider talking to a career coach for interview advice about your job search. It can be helpful to speak to someone outside of your situation.

They can give you clarity and a fresh perspective. It can be beneficial to seek job-specific help in an employment office, staffing agency, or a job/interview coach.

These resources can give you more tips on structuring your Canadian job search, improving your interview techniques, and selling yourself effectively. They can help you to find employment opportunities.