Optimize Your Social Media Profiles with Keywords

You need to optimize your social media profiles with keywords in order to effectively optimize and enhance the visibility of your social media profiles. This is a good way to increase your internet presence. And, at the same time allow you to manage your social media profiles in a more efficient manner.

Use a Keyword Rich Bio

You can start by setting up your profile with a keyword rich bio. You can use the terms commonly used by people when looking for a job or employment opportunities so you can have a better chance of being found online.


The most commonly used social media platform for job seekers is LinkedIn because it is more professional and business-like as compared to other popular social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. But what are the important keywords you can use in your profile to make it more searchable in this particular social media website?

For starters, keywords or key phrases are words or sets of words that people tend to use to describe a particular business including their services, skills, etc. Once you determine the relevant keywords for your profile, you can use them right away to give your social media profile a better chance among the hundreds of thousands of other profiles in the social media you are using. There are several areas in your profile where you can incorporate the relevant keywords so you can have your name among the top online searches either in LinkedIn or other social media platforms typically used by job seekers.

Professional Headline

The first area of your profile that you can incorporate keywords is your professional headline which is where you can use up to a hundred and twenty characters to promote yourself. To make it keyword rich, you can write a sentence that will effectively promote or sell yourself to potential employers and from here you can incorporate important keywords into the sentences.

Your current position is also a good place to incorporate highly searchable keywords relevant to your profile. Use important aspects in your resume but keep it short and include all the important keywords.

There are also other areas in your social media profile where you can incorporate relevant keywords, such as past job positions

Your social media profile has an area where you can input the job positions you’ve held throughout your career. Although this may not be all about your previous work, you can still use this as an excellent venue to input related keywords.

Profile Summary

The summary of your profile is an area where you provide further details about the headline you created. You can add some more content and give other people a comprehensive idea about what your skills can do to help the company or why you think you are qualified for the job position.

When incorporating keywords into your social media profile, you need to have at least a short list of main keywords inclusive of supporting keywords you can use in every aspect of your social media profile. If you are able to incorporate these keywords properly, it can significantly improve your overall online visibility and, therefore, grow your employment opportunities.

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