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Take Charge of Your Career

careerIt used to be that a company was in charge of your career, but recently the reverse has become true. Now it’s up to you to direct your career path, so take the reins and take charge of your career.

Jobs used to come with some level of security, but nowadays, you can become the victim of downsizing, budget cuts, or just be plain terminated when you least expect it. Without job security, it is up to you to manage your career. It is no longer the norm to stay with one company for your entire career. The average person will work for five different companies during their professional life. It’s important that you are always looking out for your best interest. It’s to your advantage to constantly be looking for new employment opportunities, especially in today’s economy. You need to be prepared if and when you get let go from your present position.

You Call the Shots

In order to take charge of your career, make sure that you aren’t putting the ball in your employer’s court. You need to be calling the shots in your own career, and today, you can. To help you do this, keep track of everything you accomplish each year. Write down all of your achievements so that you have them handy when it comes to updating your resume and cover letters. Also, brainstorm what steps you’d like to take in the next twelve months and plan out what it would take to get there. Talk with your family and friends about your career goals. They can provide some very helpful guidance and support, as well as useful career wisdom.

Use your career goals to keep you from getting stuck in a rut. Because no one stays with one company for their entire career anymore, you shouldn’t allow yourself to get too comfortable. Once you think you’ve gotten everything you can out of one job, it’s time to look into moving on to the next. To help you find out about potential opportunities, utilize your networks and contacts. These individuals can be very useful to your career. You never know what kind of job opportunities they may know about.

Remember that as a professional, you should always be changing and evolving. Don’t get held down into one position for too long, or you’ll most likely end up being on the wrong end of a company downsize. Stay one step ahead by taking charge of your own career.

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