Writing a Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Writing a pharmaceutical sales resume will take research, time, and writing engagingly and concisely. While a manager may receive hundreds or even thousands of pharmaceutical sales resumes, they can eliminate many by using a resume scanning device.

Get your resume to the shortlisted candidates by following these pharmaceutical sales resume writing tips.

Grab Keywords

One of the best ways to get your resume to the top of the pile is to create a resume that targets the position you wish to secure. Get specific keywords from the advertisement for the position. The ad will list the skills and qualifications necessary or desirable to be a suitable candidate to interview for the position.

Read the ad and write down the significant keywords. Examples of keywords are brand share, quality assurance, sales forecasting, production management, or sales and pricing analysis.

Use the keywords relevant to your target and work them into your resume creatively to make them visible to the reader and when your resume is scanned.

Do this with bullet points. Take your own unique abilities, education, and skills and list them in ways that highlight keywords from the ad.

Reader-Friendly Font and Spacing

Your resume should be easy to read and scan. After you’ve written your resume, hold it up and look at it from a short distance away. It should contain lots of white space to make the type easy to comprehend.

Use a very readable font such as Arial or Georgia. Always keep your font between 10.5 and 12 points. You want the reader to be able to read and scan your resume.

Consider Resume Format

Applicants with a significant amount of experience may want to opt for a chronological resume that lists previous experience from current to oldest.  Pharmaceutical sales jobs, however, are more fluid than other positions, and, as a result, you may use a functional resume.

The functional resume puts more focus on your abilities and skills. Keep the resume easy to read by placing your name and contact info at the top and use sections to separate information.

For example, you can create sections for your qualifications, expertise, employment history, and education.

Pharmaceutical sales jobs are some of the most lucrative sales positions available.  Pharmaceutical salespeople can typically create their own schedules, form relationships with clients in their territories, and have the potential to earn high salaries and bonuses.

Because pharmaceutical sales positions are some of the highest-paid sales positions, they are very competitive.

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