Resume Writing Tips and Strategies to Increase Interviews

Writing a strong resume profile that is attention-grabbing, well-written, and keyword-rich is critical to job search success. It is the first chance to get noticed by the recipient. Resumes and cover letters are the tools to use to get a job interview —they represent you. Make an excellent impression by following the steps below. Focus Your [...]

How to Optimize Your Resume for Online Submissions

The problems applicants face when sending their resumes online are quite alarming. You might be sending out your resume to tons of jobs but aren’t getting any responses back. If this sounds like you, you are probably unaware of why your resume is not generating the desired response. Apart from being well-organized, informative, comprehensive, and [...]

A Focused Resume Is Your First Step to a New Job

An industry-focused resume is your first step to a new job. When you hunt for a position, your first step is creating a persuasive and unique resume. There are right and wrong ways to complete your resume. If you aren’t sure the proper way, look at a template or search the Internet for resume writing [...]

How to Deal with Employment Gaps on Your Resume

One of the things to include when creating your resume is a list of the jobs you’ve held. Having employment gaps on your resume can raise a red flag to the reader. Many experts recommend that you list your previous five employment places, but there is no rule; there are so many variables. At first, [...]

Embarking on your career journey with enthusiasm and determination to find fulfillment? Before delving into the realm of job hunting, it’s prudent to pause and assess a crucial aspect: your resume’s relevance and effectiveness. A dated resume might hinder your chances of landing your dream job, thus necessitating a thorough review and potential revamp. Understanding [...]

How to Include the Right Accomplishments in a Resume

Most professionals in similar industries have the same set of responsibilities; for instance, a sales management professional will develop sales pitches, manage sales campaigns, administer a sales team, train salespeople, and engage in client relations. Keep in mind: you need to do something to set yourself apart from the average job seeker. Write your resume and [...]

How Can Industry Keywords Help in Your Resume?

Using the correct industry keywords will help get your resume noticed. When a company has 100 or more resumes submitted for a single job position within a few days of posting an ad, the chances are they’re not going to plow through all of them laboriously. Modern technology allows the digital filtering of all the [...]

Tips to Turn an Internship into a Permanent Full-time Job

Marketing yourself while you’re still an intern can be challenging. As an intern, you’re hyper-aware of the stiff competition. Many other interns and students/recent graduates are looking for a job offer and seasoned professionals with anywhere from 5-35 years of experience. When scouting potential companies, look to see their values and beliefs and research the [...]

5 Resume Tips and Tricks to Help Land the Right Interviews

1. Make Your Resume Stand Out Do not use the regular old MS Word resume template! Many people get caught in this trap. Yes, it may contain a good basic outline to start with, but you will not stand out from the crowd. There’s nothing wrong with using a format/template, but find an uncommon (yet [...]

Update Your Resume If You’re Looking for a Job

Wondering where your career is headed? Before you take the plunge into the world of job searching, I’d like to offer a word of caution: update your resume if you’re looking for a job. Tips to Create the Best Updated Resume 1. Check Your Career Objectives Are they the same as your last job search? Ensure [...]