Text Version or ASCII Version

Are you properly submitting your resume online?

In this modern age, several companies necessitate candidates to submit their resume packages online. In this situation, you will often be asked to copy and paste your resume and cover letter into a web browser or email.

You need to be careful about what file formats are accepted when you upload your resume. If you select an incompatible format, you could risk the recruiting managers being unable to view your documents or risk losing your resume formatting when the file is opened. Perhaps worst of all, companies will observe your failure to follow directions.

Although Microsoft Word is the most commonly used file format by users, not all versions of the software are compatible with the programs used to upload your resume to the internet. Therefore, you will need to have all your documents saved as a text version as well. Your text formatted career documents will allow you to perform your job search online, without hassle.

With text versions created by Canadian Resume Writing Service, you will:

  • Be able to upload your resume to any job board or website, as well as send it via the body of an email.
  • Possess a reformatted resume that complies with websites’ and companies’ internet requirements
  • Have a successfully reformatted resume that holds its original content and appearance for easy online use

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