Virtual Job Search Guidance and Coaching Assistance to Find a New Career

Is your job search not giving you the results you hoped?

Are you using only a single job search avenue?

Are you adequately equipped to master the modern job search market?

Is your job search focused on only responding to job postings? If so, only utilizing this ineffective method can be hurting your job search. That is because a successful job search is, in actuality, a marketing campaign that requires various methods and avenues being utilized. A job search should be viewed as an integrated self-marketing campaign, and should be dealt with like a project with stages and timelines. Let Canadian Resume Writing Service help you excel at your job search. We know how important it is to create a strategic job search plan and process.

Our job search guidance and coaching sessions will prepare you to manage a successful, modern job search that will yield results. You will benefit from tailored, one-on-one coaching sessions with Candace Davies, President of Canadian Resume Writing Service. She will work with you to establish what job search strategies and methods would be best successful for your specific job targets and career goals.

Our job search guidance will assist you with:

  • Planning your job search to avoid being eliminated as you move through the process
  • Learning the advantages of networking, as well as how to employ it in your job search
  • Gaining valuable information about the many job search strategies and resources.
  • Reviewing the pros and cons of the various job search methods and techniques
  • Finding the most useful job search methods for your specific situation
  • Identifying and marketing your professional brand, which will enable you to steer through opportunities and strategically position yourself in your target market
  • Shortening your job search and getting quicker employment results

You can decide what topics you’d like to concentrate on, as well as how many hours of coaching you’d like to obtain. That means that your coaching session(s) will be customized for you by Candace so that you are able to address your specific needs and concerns. Our job search guidance and coaching sessions are also extremely convenient; we fit them into your schedule and are delivered over the phone.

You can enjoy your personalized job search guidance and coaching sessions from the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.

Invest now to secure your dream job.

Let’s work together to turn your career dreams a reality!

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