Job Search Research Finding Viable Job Leads, Targeted Recruiters, and Pertinent Company Information, etc.

Do you know which recruiters you need to contact?

Do you know how to contact recruiters and locate important job leads?

Your probability for job search success will directly increase by your ability to leverage the hidden job market, as well as to work directly with recruiters. Being able to work with recruiters and connect to important leads will give you specific details regarding their target market, value proposition, and goals, thereby advancing your job search campaign.

Knowing how to conduct job search research will enable you to use these helpful tools to your benefit in order to find job leads and recruiters. Let Canadian Resume Writing Service assist you with your job search research; we understand the importance of utilizing the hidden job market to help you land your dream position. Our job search research team will work with you to give you the information needed to conduct useful research on finding leads and recruiters.

With our job search research you will:

  • Gain research on important companies and industries
  • Receive job search leads and recruiter lists
  • Learn how to locate and work with recruiters
  • Learn how to perform cold calls, effectively contacting decision makers and recruiters

You can decide what topics you’d like to concentrate on, as well as how many hours of coaching you’d like to obtain. That means that your service will be customized for you by Candace so that you are able to address your specific needs and concerns. Our job search research is also extremely convenient; we fit it into your schedule.

You can enjoy your personalized job search research from the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.

Invest now to secure your dream job.

Let’s work together to turn your career dreams a reality!

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