Letter of Resignation

Do you know the optimal way to navigate a job resignation?

Resigning from any job can be tricky but resigning mid-contract or from a specialty position with no easy replacement can prove to be tremendously difficult. If you find yourself in this predicament, you will need to write a resignation letter. Composing a resignation letter can, in itself, be very involved, even for a highly adept writer, because it demands a great deal of discretion and deliberation.

A professionally written resignation letter can make a large difference in how you leave your current position. Canadian Resume Writing Service will create a well positioned, professional, tactful, and succinct letter that will ensure you exit your position on positive terms.

Your professionally written resignation letter will:

  • Employ polite, professional language to communicate your resignation with discretion.
  • Allow you the opportunity to sustain a positive relationship with your employer for future reference purposes.
  • Avoid unnecessary confrontations by being concise and stating no specific reasons for your leaving.

In five business days you will receive your resignation letter via email as a MS Word document for your review. If you have a deadline that requires you to need the document sooner, send us an email and we will check our availability. Canadian Resume Writing Service will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. 100% satisfaction is of vital importance to us …we work to ensure each of our clients is happy and satisfied when our services are complete.

You can then further customize the document as you wish, or use it as it is written.

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