Personal Statement

Are you applying to a top academic institution or training program?

Do you need assistance developing a quality application package?

Your personal statement is your chance to market yourself in the competitive application process. A well written personal statement can mean the difference between landing an interview and not. It can also help the reader decide between similarly qualified candidates. Therefore, it is an extremely important device that can help you to further your career plans.

Our team of highly-qualified writers will work with you to develop an attention-grabbing, content-rich personal statement that shares your life story, past accomplishments, career goals, and passion for the applicable area of study. We will divulge your strengths, distinctive characteristics, and points of interest for the admissions committee through our comprehensive and personalized worksheet, which is used to collect information to create a strong statement. With today’s fierce competition, it is imperative that your personal statement appropriately showcases your personality, skills, talents, and experience.

A personal statement created by Canadian Resume Writing Service will:

  • Tell an appealing and exceptional story that will gain the attention of the admissions committee
  • Provide you with a personalized document that will help you achieve an edge over other candidates
  • Specify about your related knowledge, demonstrating your ideal fit for the targeted industry and area of study
  • Be error-free and well-researched; you don’t want your submission to be overlooked due to grammatical or writing errors, and we will also include useful information about the specific institution to which you are applying to strengthen your statement

In five business days you will receive your personal statement via email as a MS Word document for your review. If you have a deadline that requires you to need the document sooner, send us an email and we will check our availability. Canadian Resume Writing Service will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. 100% satisfaction is of vital importance to us …we work to ensure each of our clients is happy and satisfied when our services are complete.

You can then further customize the document as you wish, or use it as it is written.

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