Recruiter Letter

Have you forgotten about the importance of recruiters to your job search’s success?

If you want to attain the attention of top-level positions, then you need to attract powerful recruiters. A recruiter letter will effectively position you as an ideal candidate in the minds of recruiters, winning you a fabulous resource in your job search. In today’s job market, if you want to gain a management/executive level position, replying to job postings is not enough. You need to employ the effective tool of recruiting firms and head-hunters to help you win these highly sought-after positions. Most top-level positions that are looking for quality talent are not advertised. Therefore, you need to first win over recruiting firms and enlist them in your mission to find your ideal job.

Canadian Resume Writing Service will work with you to create a powerful recruiter letter that states your target market, gains the reader’s attention, and ultimately delivers opportunities for you in this competitive and very sought-after market.

With a professionally written recruiter letter from Canadian Resume Writing Service you will:

  • Demonstrate your dedication and work ethic by delivering a tailored letter aimed specifically at recruiters.
  • Utilize the hidden job market by targeting recruitment firms and head-hunters instead of simply responding to job postings.
  • Effectively convey to recruiters your target job market as well as all the important information that recruiters need to know.
  • Increase your chances of gaining contact with desirable firms and top level positions, by successfully holding the attention of recruiters.

In five business days you will receive your recruiter letter via email as a MS Word document for your review. If you have a deadline that requires you to need the document sooner, send us an email and we will check our availability. Canadian Resume Writing Service will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. 100% satisfaction is of vital importance to us …we work to ensure each of our clients is happy and satisfied when our services are complete.

You can then further customize the document as you wish, or use it as it is written.

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