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Resume Writing Tips and Strategies to Increase Interviews

An abundance of top resume writing tips at your fingertips. Developing an effective and eye-catching resume takes talent, and for many, can be a very intimidating and/or time-consuming endeavour.

Whether you are an executive, mid-management, or a recent graduate looking for an entry-level position you need to have the best resume possible to secure a new job.

Below you will find a number of helpful resume writing articles, including resume do’s and don’ts, helpful tips and tricks, and proven strategies. How to include the correct keywords in your resume profile and through the other content in your resume and cover letter.

Hopefully, the information contained in the blog posts will be of great use to you if you choose to design and write your own resume. It is always good to remember that an objective and unbiased resume writer, can help you expose your key, relevant strengths and achievements.

If you would like to get in touch with a credentialed, certified resume writer and career coach, please contact Candace, owner of Canadian Resume Writing Service at: candoco@telus.net or call toll-free 1-877-738-8052.

A strong resume begins with a sales pitch: a keyword rich professional profile. This introductory paragraph is crucial in detailing your hard and soft skills, highlighting years of experience, and your commitment to the sales profession. Provide steadfast reasons why the hiring manager should set up an interview and consider hiring you right from the […]

How to Write an Oilfield Resume – Profile Summary Examples

Are you trying to write an oilfield resume to get a job in the oil and gas sector? I help people just like you by providing tips, samples, or a top-notch resume writing service. The petroleum industry has been very volatile over the past several years; therefore, it is essential to maintain an up-to-date resume […]

7 Tips to Prepare an Epic Executive Resume for 2018

Are you looking for executive resume writing tips for 2018? Perfect, read and implement these modern strategies for designing a top performing executive marketing document. If you are considering a career change or a moving up in your company, preparing an epic executive resume is the first step! Most people start the new year off […]

20 Oil and Gas Resume Writing Tips with Sample Keywords by Job

One of the biggest challenges in writing an oil and gas resume is getting the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager immediately. As a resume writer, I know how important it is to convey relevant information hiring managers are looking for quickly. You need to communicate your related skills in the energy sector for […]

The Number 1 Resume Writing Tip: Dig for Professional Accomplishments

When writing a resume, there are many things you need to keep in mind. However, all resume writing tips are not equal. Some are more important than others. And the number one tip for resume writing is ensuring that you dig for your professional accomplishments. So, if you take away only one piece of advice […]

executive resume writing tips

Of all the executive resume writing tips you will receive, effectively communicating you can meet the demands of hiring managers and executive recruiters is the most important. Endless lists appear in top business magazines every year on the desired skills and attributes of a chief executive. These qualities are gathered from thousands of executives with […]

Military Conversion Resumes - How to Write a Military to Civilian Resume

Let’s discuss writing a military to civilian resume to highlight your areas of relevant expertise to target a new career. Are you staring at a resume full of military jargon and acronyms wondering how to make the crossover into the civilian sector? You are not alone! Thousands of individuals who have served in the Army, Navy, […]

Canadian Curriculum Vitae (CV) Vs Resume - Differences in Format and Content

Are you trying to determine if you need a Canadian curriculum vitae (CV) or a resume to apply for a job posting in Canada? We’ll discuss the difference between the two documents to determine which is best for your career and job search. Learning how to write a Canadian resume or CV properly will benefit your […]

is your resume grabbing attention for the right reasons

Your resume will either grab the reader’s attention or not. Grab a coffee and read these in-depth resume writing tips. It’s not simply enough to capture a person’s attention; you must win the hiring manager’s interest for the right reasons! The first screening of your resume is critical to landing an interview, and this is why […]

how to write a resume for career change

Knowing how to write a curriculum vitae CV or resume for a career change is a learned skill or should we call it a talent or art? One of the hardest decisions you will encounter during your professional career is the decision to change jobs. The safe choice is to stay in your current job, […]