Mistakes Job Seekers Make and Steps to Avoid Them

It’s important for your job search success to know what mistakes job seekers make and steps to avoid them so you don’t commit the same errors. The way in which you approach your job hunt can determine how successful and speedy it is. If you approach it negatively, this will be reflected in your job search. When you approach your job search without any hope, it will come across when talking to potential employers and other contacts. This will no doubt affect your rate of success in your job hunt.

In order to make your job search easier, quicker, and more effective, it is wise to keep a positive attitude and follow some simple rules to help you along. To help you formulate those rules, these three common mistakes made by job seekers will help you to know what to avoid at all costs.

1. Waiting for your dream job to come to you:

Waiting for your job to find you is not a job search strategy. You don’t become successful by waiting for things to happen to you. You have to put forth an effort. Also, you need to be reasonable about what your idea of your “dream job” is. Figure out what it is you are looking for, and then take the steps necessary to make it happen. Research proven job search strategies and then put them to work. You’ll be surprised at how quickly things can happen once you put your efforts to good use.

2. Expecting someone to place you in a job:

This is a similar mistake to number one, in that it takes all responsibility off of your shoulders and onto an outside force. This is more often than not the wish that a head hunter will find you a perfect job. This fantasy has many problems…the first of which is that it’s a fantasy. Secondly, if someone places you in a job, how will they know that it’s even a job you’d want to do? Finally, head hunters are expensive …their services don’t come cheap. Instead of taking a passive approach to your job search, actively network with contacts you have within companies, and take the initiative to go after what you want. Make your future happen for yourself.

3. Trying to do it all by yourself:

Now the extreme opposite of the first two mistakes is to try to accomplish everything yourself. Trying to do everything yourself—especially when you don’t know how to do everything—will only result in stressing you out and making you exhausted and frustrated. If you are struggling with something to do with your job search, consult an expert. If you don’t, chances are you will give up on the more difficult tasks, meaning that you could miss out on some potentially beneficial strategies for your job search.

When it comes to your future, you need to invest the time and resources to ensure success. If you invest in your career search, you will benefit for many years to come, so it’s definitely worth it to put forth the extra effort.

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