The Importance of a Twitter Profile in a Job Search

The importance of a Twitter profile in a job search cannot be overstated. For decades, networking was considered a vital tool when searching for a job. After the internet was discovered, networking moved to cyberspace. The internet revolutionized the power of networking by radically increasing the ability of people to contact each other through email and social networks such as Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows communication to occur between two or more users. Twitter currently has over 317 million active monthly users. As you tweet, you establish contacts with other people whose contacts and networks are different from your own. This is the reason twitter has emerged as a powerful tool for a job search.

Access to Other Professionals

Your twitter profile will give you access to other professionals in your area of interest. Top level executives, CEOs, human resource managers, recruiters, and other managers are just a click away. You can follow them through Twitter to discover their interests and engage them in conversations. What topics are they interested in or what books are they reading? What conferences are they attending? Use this information to leverage your job search.

Twitter is an immediate and informal venue for people to meet and build their image. This enables one to build credibility and to become exposed for who they “really” are outside the professional environment. Thus, you can use your profile to establish both professional and personal relationships with others in your field.  When you network, others will recall you when a job arises, or may even set you up with a job. They can even mentor you into becoming a better professional.

“Less is More”

Twitter conceptualizes the saying “less is more” by only allowing its users to state their thoughts and positions in 140 characters or less. Use this as a platform to demonstrate your expertise in your area of specialization. You can share job experiences, offer quick tips or advice on your industry, or simply tweet professional or uplifting quotes. You can also use Twitter to join in professional conversations related to your industry. Consider using keywords related to your career or even job search as you tweet such as “occupation” and “experience”. Professional terms will help to make you stand out.

Use Twitter to brand yourself professionally. You can set up a specific professional profile using your name or a combination of your profession and name; just make sure it sounds good. Create a profile that will attract the right people to you. You can use your photo to “say a thousand words” or you can use your resume to make an impression by putting up a link to your online resume. If you decide to do this, make use of online software that offers to protect your identity.

When used properly, Twitter can contribute a lot to your job search. Connect with others who can influence your career and get the exposure you need to land your dream job.

How has Twitter helped you professionally? Comment and share below! If you could use some more help, reach out to Candace for assistance!