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Resume Writing Tips and Strategies to Increase Interviews

An abundance of top resume writing tips at your fingertips. Developing an effective and eye-catching resume takes talent, and for many, can be a very intimidating and/or time-consuming endeavour.

Whether you are an executive, mid-management, or a recent graduate looking for an entry-level position you need to have the best resume possible to secure a new job.

Below you will find a number of helpful resume writing articles, including resume do’s and don’ts, helpful tips and tricks, and proven strategies. How to include the correct keywords in your resume profile and through the other content in your resume and cover letter.

Hopefully, the information contained in the blog posts will be of great use to you if you choose to design and write your own resume. It is always good to remember that an objective and unbiased resume writer, can help you expose your key, relevant strengths and achievements.

If you would like to get in touch with a credentialed, certified resume writer and career coach, please contact Candace, owner of Canadian Resume Writing Service at: candoco@telus.net or call toll-free 1-877-738-8052.

Learning how to use accomplishments to make your resume stand out is an important skill. Your resume and cover letter should convince the reader that you can do the job and will enjoy the position. It should show that you have the skills and expertise required to carry out job responsibilities 100% and that you’re willing […]

How to Write a Powerful Professional Resume

Understanding how to write a memorable professional resume will reduce the amount of time it takes to secure a job. Don’t let a difficult job market stop your career from flourishing. Excellent candidates are constantly needed. If you write a top-notch resume it should get the results you need. There are a few things to consider when creating a […]

A professional resume will show a similar set of duties for candidates in the same industry. For example, many sales representatives may write in their resume that they are responsible for: building relationships, sales forecasting, pricing analysis, sales campaigns, client research, and new market identification. Stand out from other job applicants by sharing what you’ve […]

Quality resume paper will help your resume stand out, so make sure to head to the stationary store and spend a little extra on the best resume paper. If you’re actively seeking a job, you’re likely looking to distribute your resume to as many companies in your industry as possible to increase your probability of […]

You finally graduated. Being a student was a long and bumpy road, and now you’re ready to find your dream job. You’re about to begin the career that you and/or your parents spent all that money trying to land. So, are you ready for the next step? The question is: do you know how to […]

How to Choose Which Resume Format to Use

It might seem like all resumes are the same, but after you’ve read a few, you’ll discover there are some massive differences. The format you choose can be the deciding factor between getting called for a job interview or sending out more copies of your resume. So, do you know how to choose which resume […]

Submitting Your Resume Online

Nowadays many companies require that you submit your resume package online. There are certain factors that need to be considered when submitting your resume online. If they ask that you send a simple email, then all you need to do is attach the requested documents and send a polite and concise message to the organization explaining […]

Here are 5 things you can’t leave out of your resume. In order for your resume and cover letter to pass the ultimate test and gain the attention of employers, it needs to be an exciting read and compel hiring authorities to want to find out more about you. In order for this to happen, your […]

How to Pitch Your Top Skills in 15 Seconds

If you’re searching for a new position, can you sell your value and top skills in 15 seconds? Give it a try right now… out loud. How did you do? You hesitated, didn’t you? Remember: selling yourself takes practice. What do you think is harder, selling your value in writing or communicating it verbally? Today we’re going to discuss […]

Ever wondered how to incorporate volunteer work into your resume and cover letter? In the world of job hunting, your first line of defense is your cover letter and resume. If you want to be competitive, you must have the most comprehensive resume to get the competitive edge. But how can you do it if […]