Writing a Cover Letter to Complement Your Resume

A cover letter should complement the resume and ignite interest. Have you been trying to write the perfect cover letter?

Do you lack the objectivity, power words, and statements that will demand you get an interview?

Many people believe that because they are highly successful, they should write their job search documents.

Don’t get frustrated trying to write an exceptional one, have someone experienced write yours. It’s tough because you are neither an objective third party nor experienced creating letters. You don’t do this every day. We do.

We position you to meet the needs of today’s employers best. A compelling cover letter can be the deciding factor for whether you get an interview or not. Think of this document as an advertisement of your strongest skills and your unique personality. It will represent you when you are not available.

The cover letter you write needs to send a message to the reader’s brain similar to…

“We need to call this candidate; they sound interesting, qualified and will help this company save money and time.”

Employers know they’ll receive cover letters even when not mentioned in ads. Companies value excellent written and verbal communication skills. Careless writing presents a poor impression of your abilities and can damage opportunities for interviews.

The cover letters we create complement the job seeker’s resume, as the opening sentence is unique and grabs the reader’s attention. Employers skim hundreds of cover letters.

Trust me; I have years of experience in staff recruitment. If the introduction is boring, the document goes to the “NO” pile.

Let your personality and positive attitude shine through… and communicate a passion for your career and industry.

Types of Cover Letters

There are different types of cover letters to assist with your job search. These include broadcast letters, letters to recruiters, networking letters, letters responding to a classified advertisement, specific company target, and one when sending your resume via email.

Each letter has a unique function; develop a compelling message to get the resume read and secure an interview.

If you could use help writing your cover letter, reach out to Candace for assistance!

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