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How to Answer Job Performance Interview Questions to Show Credibility

interview questionsInterviewers ask certain questions to find out what type of employee you are and determine if you would fit in well in their company. Answering job performance interview questions well is important for these very reasons. The types of interview questions that an interviewer will ask about this subject include:

“Have you ever done this kind of work before?”, “Why should we hire you over someone else?”, “What are your weaknesses?”, “Why did you leave your last job?”.


Share What You Can do Through Examples


These types of questions will help the interviewer to find out if you are qualified for the position, can perform well, and if there are any potential risks or problems associated with hiring you. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up to the interviewer. Show them that you are qualified by describing similar work responsibilities and positions, and providing examples of relevant skills you used in past work experiences. If you’re transitioning into a new area, be sure to mention your eagerness, ability to learn quickly, as well as any transferable skills or experience.

How to Answer the Tough Interview Questions


When tackling the job performance interview questions like:

Tell me about a time you were faced with a crucial deadline and were unable to meet the timeline.

Explain in detail what the biggest decision you ever had to make, how did you make it, and what was the result of your decision.

When asked about your weaknesses, try to avoid listing any that are vital to doing an excellent job. Try to explain to the interviewer that you are confident that you are working on overcoming the weakness. Further, explain the steps you have taken and the progress you have made. Honestly, has a tremendous impact on the interviewers.

Employees usually leave a position for more than one reason, so only mention those reasons that are favorable to you. If you were fired or left on bad terms from your previous position, explain what happened positively and note that the situation would never happen again. Also remember never to say anything negative about a company or employer you used to work for, as the interviewer will most likely view you as someone who will do the same thing again.


Answering Job Performance Interview Questions Honestly is Vital


Interviewers ask personal questions to gauge what type of employee you will be. They may ask you about your work ethic, personal character, and any possible issues regarding your resume.

For instance, they may ask you to explain any gaps in your employment history. The company hiring representative wants to find out what you were doing during those breaks simply, but can also be to determine whether you are likely to stay committed to a position. When answering this type of question, make sure to explain why you were away from work, what you did during that time—making sure to mention any and all constructive activities you took part in like volunteer work—and stress your commitment to working in your field.

If you are or have been a career-changer, an interviewer will likely ask you about this decision. Once again, make sure to fully explain your situation and reasoning for making the career change. Always make sure to stress your interest and dedication to your present path.

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