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Overcoming Obstacles To Achieve Goals

GoalsIf you find that you have a large obstacle that you’re not sure how to tackle, it can be difficult deciding how to get started. It can even be difficult to envision your options, or the choices that exist to deal with the problem. It’s important to set attainable goals so that overcoming obstacles to achieve goals is easier.

Ask Yourself a Series of Questions

First, try asking yourself a series of questions. The answers you come up with will help you tackle your problem or goal. For example, find out what it is that you want to achieve, or what your ideal outcome would be. Envision what tackling your problem would look like. This will help you get a clear picture of what you want.

Discover Your Options

Once you’ve discovered what you want, you next have to discover your options. Figure out what tools and skills you have to move you forward. Decipher what kind of research you need to complete to help you get to the next step. Figure out if there’s anyone that could be of assistance to you.

Once you’ve discovered your options, it’s time to put them into action. Examine your list of ideas and discover what the easiest or smallest step would be for you to take as your first step. Find out which options or ideas intrigue you the most—these will make a good starting point. Make a goal to complete three of your actions in the coming week.

Make the Commitment

Once you’ve decided on your actions and your starting point, make the commitment. Hold yourself accountable—tell someone, make a schedule, and reward yourself when you finish each action. Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself on your way to accomplishing your goals!

Give Yourself Goals

Your job search will be much more productive and move along quicker if you give yourself weekly goals. They need to be both concrete and attainable, and you need to hold yourself to them. One way to assist in this matter is to hold yourself accountable by telling your partner or friend. If other people know of your goals, you’ll feel a greater compulsion to meet them. Also, you can treat yourself with a small indulgence every time you reach a new goal. This will give you a feeling of pride and satisfaction, as well as something else to work toward.

Your main goal of landing a fulfilling position can sometimes feel unattainable. If you’re not having much luck, it doesn’t take long for you to feel discouraged. So, by providing yourself with small, weekly goals, you’ll be less consumed with the larger prize, while at the same time keeping your spirits up and improving your overall job search. Your goals, such as “I will make 2 cold calls per day this week”, will give you a goal that is only dependent on you to attain, and will keep you actively pursuing your job search.

Giving yourself goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated and putting forth an effort, which are two very important aspects of your job search.

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