12 Ways to Fail a Job Interview and Not Receive a Job Offer

Did you fail a job interview recently and not receive a job offer? Have you ever gone to a meeting and never heard back from the organization after it was over?

You are not alone.

Check to see if you made any of the job interview mistakes listed in this post.

Few companies will tell you how you did during a job interview. It’s common to never hear back from companies who rejected you. This lack of response leaves you wondering why you didn’t get the job.

Signs You Had a Bad Job Interview

1. You Didn’t Dress Correctly

Don’t panic and run away. There’s nothing you can do at this point. If you’re overdressed, that’s okay. If you’re under-dressed, act as professional as you can. By the way, never wear jeans to a job interview.

2.  Interviewer Looks Disapproving of You

This might happen if you are heavily tattooed or pierced, have a non-business-like haircut, are dressed too provocatively, or are wearing too much makeup or jewelry. Always dress professionally for an interview. Never dress “sexy” or wear a lot of jewelry or makeup. If you are pierced, don’t wear the jewelry. If you are tattooed, cover them. Ignore any stares of the interviewer, smile, and act very professional.

3. You Panic on the First Question

Calm down. Take a deep breath. Nervousness is common; the more interviews you go on, the more confident you should get. Smile. Say, “I am so nervous!” Ask the interviewer to repeat the question. Start your answer with a general statement and try to think of experiences you’ve had that will illustrate what you just said.

4. The Interviewer is Distracted by Their Phone

There’s not much you can do about this. Smile and try to catch their eye; address them by name when you answer a question. Don’t ramble when answering questions. Be thorough but brief. Answer each job interview question in about two minutes. The interviewer may be running late.

5.  Asks you the Same Question Twice

It could mean they weren’t paying attention the first time, or you didn’t answer the question adequately the first time. Don’t take it personally. Try to answer the question more fully the second time.

6.  You Get Confused About the Company’s Name

If you make this mistake, apologize briefly. Don’t get flustered. Don’t make excuses; say, “I’m sorry. I meant to say (name of the company you are interviewing with).”

7.  The Interviewer Looks Bored

Without being too “over the top,” try a small joke or express great enthusiasm about the job or the company. Their boredom probably has nothing to do with you. But don’t ramble or repeat yourself.

8. Puts You on the Spot

This might be a “stress” interview. That is an interview calculated to determine how you perform under stress. Stay calm; answer every question to the best of your ability. Remain friendly and professional.

9. Challenges You On Your Qualifications

All you can do is say, “I’d like to address the issues you just brought up.” And then, do it! Address those issues! Sell yourself! Even if they’ve already made up their mind, take a shot!

10. Interviewer Doesn’t Smile and Barely Looks at You

They may have already decided not to hire you. But, it is possible they’re not very friendly, which is surprisingly familiar with some interviewers.

Don’t take the lack of interview’s friendliness or enthusiasm personally. When you leave, walk over and shake hands, and say, “I want to thank you for your time today. I really appreciate it.”

Just because they have poor people skills doesn’t mean you do! If they are your supervisor, be very careful about accepting a job. They might be challenging to work for.

11. You Do Something Bad During the Interview

Perhaps you used an inappropriate word or spilled coffee all over yourself. If this happens, stay calm! If bad language was the mistake you made, apologize briefly. If you spilled coffee or made another serious mistake, say, “Oh, please excuse me! I’m a little nervous.”

12. Asks You if You Know Anyone Who Might be Interested in the Job

Yikes! At that point, I’d probably laugh and say, “No, none that are as qualified and eager as I am!”

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