The Benefits of Using a Career Coach

The prospect of attending a job interview can turn even the most confident person into a quivering wreck! With so much to think about when preparing for an interview, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. The good news, however, is that help is at hand. The benefits of using a career coach for interviewing are enormous. Find out the benefits of using an interview coach.

• What the Coach Actually Does:

An interview coach will guide you in all aspects of the interview. This includes what clothes you should wear, what kind of body language you should use, how to present yourself and how to stay calm during the interview.

It’s fairly common for people to feel that an interview coach is perhaps an unnecessary extravagance, however, in an increasingly competitive job market, anything that’s going to give you the edge over your competitors has got to be worth considering.

• What the Interview Coach Will Help You With:

Probably the biggest source of stress in preparing for an interview surrounds what you may be asked. Your interview coach will have a wealth of experience in preparing for interview questions and may well have a fairly good idea of what’s likely to come up. Preparing for questions like “Why should we employ you instead of another candidate?” or “What are your weaknesses?” can be particularly difficult. The perspective of an experienced professional can be invaluable when it comes to interviews. There will always be certain element of the unknown in an interview. Your interview coach will help you to prepare strong, confident answers and show you how to present them in the best possible way.

• Areas Where the Coach is an Expert:

There are many other aspects of interview preparation where your coach will be of great help. These are likely to include:

– Choosing the right clothing to wear.
– Making a good first impression.
– Presenting yourself in a confident manner.
– Maintaining positive body language.
– Keeping appropriate eye contact.
– Effectively communicating your passion for the business.

• The Mock Interview:

One of the most important aspects of preparing for an interview is participating in a mock interview. This is a bit like a dress rehearsal for the real thing. Your interview coach will normally carry out this mock interview. There are several reasons why this is an important preparation strategy.

It will help you to deal with feelings of nervousness. You may be surprised at just how nervous you become before and during your mock interview. This physical and mental rehearsal is invaluable because going through this process will lessen your anxiety when you’re in the situation for real.

The mock interview will also highlight, both to you and to your interview coach, the areas where you still need to make changes and improvements. It’s much better to make mistakes at this stage, than at your actual interview.

• Combating Anxiety:

There’s no getting away from the fact that an interview is a stressful experience. The additional moral support of your interview coach can go a long way towards calming your pre-interview nerves. Many interview coaches undertake additional training to enable them to teach relaxation techniques to their clients. The importance of keeping your nerves under control cannot be underestimated. There’s no point in preparing impressive responses to your interview questions if you become so nervous that you can’t get the words out! Learning some simple relaxation techniques that can be practiced both prior to and during your interview could potentially make a huge difference to your performance.

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