Securing a Job in a New City When You Have Not Relocated

Securing a job in a new city when you have not relocated yet can be a difficult task. But by following these tips, you can lessen the stress related to your long distance job search. Here’s how.


It is important for you to conduct research first about the city where you are planning to relocate and find out if it offers higher employment rates in your field. If you are in an area of business, make sure that its employment rate surpasses the one you have back home. Devise a general strategy for your relocation, including a budget and schedule. Take a scouting trip in advance to get a feel of the new neighborhood you will be moving into and get a firsthand look at the available employment in that particular area of the province.


Since you will be moving to a new city, it is also important to evaluate the job opportunities that are available. To do this, you will need to check specific websites and online job boards for the area in order to get a general idea of what the job market is like in the city.


Make use of your professional networking contacts to help you in your job search. Look for someone in your contact list that is working or residing in the same location where you are planning to move. Ask them about the job market there, and whether or not they can help refer you to employers within your skill classification and expertise. You can also look at popular career planning websites in the city where you plan to relocate. They provide vital information as to the current job market in that area.


You can create a short list of employers to target in the place of your relocation and try your best to identify the important people you need to contact. You can also include professional recruiters and headhunters in your list, because they can provide a lot of help and resources. They use their expertise to help you find positions based on your set of skills, qualifications, and personal employment preferences.


Consult local newspaper ads and online employment sources.  This allows you to better understand the job market and learn what the in-demand jobs are. You can also evaluate who among the employers is looking for new applicants. If you want to join a certain sector of a field, evaluate what sector is most in demand for aspiring professionals in that field.


Take advantage of the growing internet job services that are available to you when you are looking for a job in another city. There are lots of online sources you can use to look for available jobs. You can even visit the official websites of some of the potential employers in your short list to learn about any available job openings and research the companies.

How have you conducted a successful job search in another city? Comment and share below! If you need help with your search, reach out to Candace to learn more!