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Executive Branding: Write a Compelling LinkedIn Profile and Resume

Executive Branding: Write a Compelling LinkedIn Profile and Resume

Do you know about executive branding and your LinkedIn profile? You’ve effectively branded yourself in your new resume and cover letter development and professional autobiography. These documents will effectively target the job you are seeking, capture the attention of your reading audience, contain relevant keywords, showcase your unique selling point, and resonate with your audience. So, what’s next?


Today it is becoming more and more pertinent to your job search that you establish and maintain a strong online presence so that recruiters can find you when they search for candidates. The number one online site for professional networking today is LinkedIn. Millions of professionals from all over the world today have profiles on the site, so you need to make a great profile just to keep in stride with all the rest of the competition.

Don’t simply throw together a profile without strategizing its impact on your audience. Your LinkedIn Profile needs to accomplish the same things your resume, cover letter, and other career documents do, while also being searchable.

Incorporate Your Resume and Cover Letter

With the proper editing and setup, a lot of the content from your professionally completed resume and autobiography can be utilized within your LinkedIn profile. You can copy and paste blocks of information into different sections of your LinkedIn profile.

Use White Space

Remember to break up dense chunks of information into shorter, brand-focused statements. They should be surrounded by plenty of white space to make them stand out. You want your profile to be easily readable so that employers will continue to read your information and not get bored or overwhelmed by the amount of text.

Include Keywords

Your professional headline or tagline is incredibly important for making you stand out. Fill it with keywords that your target audience will be looking out for. You are allowed 120 characters, so use them. Your headline goes with you everywhere on LinkedIn, giving viewers a brief snapshot of your profile, so make sure that it packs a punch.

Get Recommendations

The recommendation section is a very powerful selling tool. Nothing speaks louder than when others vouch for you. Try to get recommendations from each job you’ve held, to help show your unique value proposition better.

List Professional Information

In the additional information section of your profile, include select information from your career autobiography. This is also a great place to list awards and honors that you’ve earned. List your professional associations and affiliations, making sure to include any contributions you’ve made. When people search for these organizations your name will again show up.

Once you’ve completed your LinkedIn Profile, make it even more appealing by utilizing LinkedIn’s special applications such as slide share presentations, Google presentations, and blog link.

How do you use LinkedIn to get noticed? Comment and share below! If you need more help, reach out to Candace for assistance!

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