How to Create a Professional Branding Statement to Increase Credibility

What is your branding statement? Have you given much thought to your professional brand?

Let’s discuss many aspects of determining your brand.

Finding your value or personal brand is important to your job search success. The information employers find about you online needs to be positive and professional. Remember that many employers will Google their candidates to find out what they can about you. So, it’s important that what they read is relevant and helpful. Creating a professional branding statement is a great help in communicating to employers who you are.

You don’t want employers reading your inappropriate blog posts or Facebook pages. This type of information has cost applicants jobs. In some cases, it has even cost them a chance at an interview. Now, before you go erasing your Facebook profile and canceling your blog, the problem isn’t necessarily that these pages exist it is that you also need professional context to counteract and overshadow these personal pages.

It will help your job search if employers can find your professional information to learn about your professional highlights, goals, etc. A quick fix to keep your personal information more private is to tighten up the privacy settings on your Twitter, Facebook, and blog, etc. After that, be careful not to write or post anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to find. Think twice before posting pictures of you at a bar or at the beach. This is not only detrimental to you in your job search, but you probably don’t want this type of image of you floating around cyberspace at all.

Build your professional brand by using branding tools[/tweetthis] such as LinkedIn.These will help you in your networking, as well as with making you visible to potential employers. Create a web presence by building a web site and/or keeping a blog that is focused on your professional life or is specific to your field.

Once you’ve built a professional brand, remember you will need to continue to prove the value of your brand. It is an ongoing effort that will pay off in dividends.

Know Your Unique Selling Point

When interviewing for any position, you are essentially trying to market and sell yourself as your own brand. You need to communicate to the hiring committee reasons for why you are the perfect person for the job. So in order to set yourself apart from the competition, you need to know what differentiates yourself from all the others. In other words, you need to come up with your unique selling point.

You need to brainstorm what makes you impressive, incomparable and distinctive. Know your skills and abilities so that when you are in that all important interview you can successfully convince the hiring committee of your worth and the benefits to them of hiring you.

If you aren’t sure of your unique qualities and skills, a great way to realize them is when you make your resume. This is a situation where you are forced to communicate your skills and qualities. The adjectives that you come up with to describe yourself are the very qualities that make you unique. Don’t be afraid to tout your own horn – this is the time when it’s important to do just that.

When preparing for the interview, list all the adjectives that best describe you and your accomplishments. Next, tailor these traits and accomplishments to the ones that are best suited towards the specific position. You have now successfully discovered your unique selling points and are ready to impress your future employer!

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